Metro Last Light with revamped characters and new facial animation system

Metro Last Light has revamped character models and new facial animation system that is going to get only better, revealed through twitter.

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Brownghost2836d ago

i hope they address the glitches but its great the fixed the characters faces it reminded me of fallout 3 iwant some actual detail

shayol33t2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Fantastic, loved the last one, looking forward to this one.

Gameplay looks great:

cooperdnizzle2836d ago

This game has the best graphics ever! People are all hyped about BF3 pshhh, this game kills it. Best looking game on the horizon right now

InNomeDiDio2836d ago

you are right my friend. even metro 2033 kills nearly everything.

cooperdnizzle2835d ago

You are also right my friend i couldn't agree more

showtimefolks2836d ago

on youtube was very cinematic but also one alarming thing was how much ammo was give to user controller players like COD or other FPS. the first one was great because you had to be wise about ammo and stuff hopefully that aspect of the game is still there

Rivitur2836d ago

The aspect of the ammo system according to them will probably still be there however, they are attempting to improve that system. Also the video was simply to show off the new and improved combat system. Also this news is sooo old June 7!!!!!!!!

Quagmire2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Another unfortunate victim from the need for "accessibility" in order to attract a larger, and dumber demographic. One only needs to look at Dragon Age 2 to see how well that worked out, as well as the unneeded inclusion of Multiplayer of games such as Dead Space and Bioshock as a further means of attracting COD fanboys.

Hazmat132836d ago

as i said before fix the sound for some reason the audio from my revovler always gets cut off. i like that sound. lol oh well played Metro 2033 on my 360 cant wait to play it on my PS3.