Capcom Planning A New Fighting IP, Ambitous As Street Fighter. Very Believable

1. Resistance 3 Beta Impressions – Game Is Great So Far
2. Goldeneye Reloaded Interview
3. Capcoms New Classic In The Making?
4. HipHopRss – DNA Vs Rone Rap Battle Very Intense

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Hitman07693081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I'm seriously looking forward to Resistance 3 but I can't help but say this---STARHAWK. Yep, lol. That's the one to rule them all!!

As for Capcom making a new fighting IP that would be great breath of fresh air into the industry just hope they stop being scumbags with their DLC.

What they did with RE5's move support being on Gold only is unforgivable.

Criminal3081d ago

I didn't get around to playing Warhawk, but I think it's time to pick it up from the bargain bin. I've heard great things about it.

StarWolf3081d ago

its an online only game. good luck finding a match

skyblue142133081d ago

Arggh! I cant stand hip hop gamer, I went through random spots of this video to see the new fighting ip from capcom and all I heard was this guy yapping nonstop throughout the video with no sign of this new game from capcom. I rather not know what the new game is if I have to hear any more yapping from this person so I think I will wait until capcom unveils the new game.

Hozi893080d ago

It would be nice to see some actual footage from HHG for real.

JoeSchmoh3081d ago

Capcom needs to stop re-releasing games they already have out. They dont know theyre loosing fans with different versions of the same game. As for a marvel vs DC that sounds cool, but Capcom vs SNK will always be the best crossover game. Implementing "superman" into a fighting game would be just terrible. People will see soon realize the 90s had the best era for Capcom games..even marvel Capcom 3's line up is WEAK SAUCE compared to part 2. My opinion, Capcom really needs to stop listening to fans..why? Pheonix Wright in marvel Capcom 3...STUPID! MvC 3 is a train wreck

lizard812883081d ago

UMvC3 is what MvC3 should have been.

lizard812883081d ago

As for Capcom, I hope its an old series we haven't seen, like Darkstalkers, Cyberbots, Powerstone, or well, alot actuality. They just show off Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Dead Rising.