New Bonus Round Part 2: The Next Xbox?

What are we likely to see from Microsoft's next console?

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TaxExemption 2835d ago

I like the idea of releasing an upgraded Xbox 360 or PS3 to extend the life of this console generation.

Laypoof2835d ago

I hope they get released in 2012

colonel1792835d ago

So unlikely. Only Wii U will be launched next year, and it probably will be until Christmas. The earliest Xbox 3 and PS3 could launch is in 2013 and only if they get announced during E3 2012 or before.

colonel1792835d ago

Geoff needs to shut the F up and let the other speak!.. Is so annoying that one guy is talking and he always interrupt

colonel1792835d ago

I was wondering, wouldn't it be better to release a console with other media format other than disks. Something like flash cards or something (whatever) that could have faster read and write speeds?

mrmikew20182835d ago

Yea it would, but you have to remember you just can't get rid of format that millions of people are use to. They will have to test it out first and see how the market adapts to it.

k-dillinger2835d ago

notice how that fat blk guy said ps3 wont outsell 360 n laughed like that isn't possible seeing it outsells it worldwide lol take him off the show and play cut the rope in the closet.