Why Trophies Are Not A Useless Feature on Your XMB

Allot of Gamers these days see trophy "hunting" as a waste of time or a feature they view as useless on PSN. Well I’m writing this article to try and make them understand why trophy hunters love what they do. Apart from the satisfaction we get deep down inside when we hear that "TING!" Platinum trophy sound...

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rabidpancakeburglar2842d ago

But they are useless, that's something I learned after getting a collection obsession.

Parapraxis2842d ago

In the same vein, one could easily say playing games is useless.
Personally I enjoy getting trophies and seeing my level go up, it's far from a M.O., it's cool to see which of my friends play more than myself and allows me to set goals for myself.
It has certainly made me put more time into games, which ended up being rewarding, rather than just rush through them to see the end cinematic.

-Alpha2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Yeah I agree.

I hope Sony/MS go next gen with it though. Allow us to have a set of achievements that can be mastered at bronze, silver, or gold levels. That way the best of the best have a majority of their trophies as gold and few bronze trophies. Leaderboards, avatar awards, etc. It's fun

But I get so pissed off chasing trophies, especially in Bad Company 2 for multiplayer. Destruction 2.0 really pissed me off and I spent many games avoiding the objective because I could not get that trophy off of my mind. Still, it made the achievement that much sweeter

Dramscus2842d ago

I kind of look at them as a record of mostly every game I've ever played on the ps3. Not just which games but how much I played them which equates to how much I enjoyed them.
So technically you could make a good profile of someones gaming personality and tastes just by looking at their trophy list. If it was extensive enough.

BeOneWithTheGun2842d ago

I don't agree. I view my trophy collection the same as I do my library. I keep all books I have read and have shelves of them. Do they still serve a practical purpose? No. Do I enjoy just looking at them and reliving the fond memories? Absolutely.

Knushwood Butt2842d ago

@ BeOne

Do the people that whored the Hannah Montana plat relive the fond memories?!

BTW, I like getting a trophy as much as the next person.

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Kran2841d ago

Ever heard of inFamous 2, where you transfer trophies over from inFamous 1 to get goodies?

_Aarix_2841d ago

If you let them'll get alot more out of a game. I never would of spend the extra 6 hours on portal 2 or 15 hours on ff13 if i didnt want the achivements

CynicalVision2842d ago

'A lot of Gamers these days see trophy "hunting" as a waste of time or a feature they view as useless on PSN'

A lot? Really? I can't believe that, not when so many people still request trophy patches for games like MGS4 and Heavenly Sword.

Undeadwolfy2842d ago

Man I wan't a trophy patch for MGS4 SOOOO badly! :(

BeOneWithTheGun2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Agreed. Would immediately purchase the game again to go for the plat, which you know damn well would be tough as all hell to get. Can you imagine what Kojima would make some of them be?

Secret Snake/Gold : Play entire game and do not be detected once.

Slithering Snake/Silver: Beat every level without standing up once.

LMAO. I can only imagine.

Istanbull2842d ago

MGS4 is the Holy Grail of the PS3

Heavenly Sword is the Picaso

Valkyria Chronicles is the Mona Lisa

These 3 masterpieces need trophy patch Asap

Electroshocked2842d ago

I badly want a trophy patch for Assassin's Creed 1, the XBOX 360 version got achievements for it, so why not give the PS3 version a trophy patch? It's not fair I tell you, it's not fair.

Septic2842d ago

Achievements and trophies are useless as far as I'm concerned. I've never been interested in them simply because they aren't necessarily an indication of skill, but an indication of how much time you spend playing a game.

I think there should be something like what we have with platinum trophies but instead, they should be extremely difficult to get and can be displayed clearly in your gamertag or avatar. I dunno....for e.g complete a game without dying once or get a multikill in a ranked match.

Some people obsess about them. I never understood it but each to their own.

CynicalVision2842d ago

'because they aren't necessarily an indication of skill, but an indication of how much time you spend playing a game.'

What about the trophies/achievements that are based on which difficulty setting you play on? Surely you agree they're an indication of skill.

Septic2842d ago

Yeah actually to an extent. But even then, with games these days, its all about grinding through them.

Even so, its not like anyone will notice. I'd much prefer it if it REALLY means something. I think it would be cool if every player gets to choose from 3 of their top achievements to display on their profile. I just want achievements to emphasise that wow factor or bragging rights for example, over 100 tactical nukes in COD etc. Obviously, they would have to be achievements that could only be obtained via legitimate means.

Xenial2842d ago

Tough multiplayer trophies are a indication of skill. -_-

BeOneWithTheGun2842d ago

Well, I view collectors additions the same. I could care less about figurines and statues and whatnot. I just want to play the game. Some people, though, love them so good for them.

The list goes on. Some people spend real money for their avatars in HOME/LIVE. Why? It does nothing for you.

To each their own. For me, I only trophy/achievement hunt for games I really enjoy and warrant a second or third play though. I like the set challenge and sense of accomplishment when I hear the plink/plup sound.

PhoenixDevil2842d ago

I have a friend whos nearly at 50 plats n honestly after playing 2 or 3 games how he does for a few plats (we had some competitions to see who could plat certain games first) n honestly I just cannot enjoy the games as much when purly focusing on the trophy aspect, so my new rule is I'll only plat a game I really enjoy n have played multiple times e.g Uncharted 1 + 2 demon souls etc :) makes for much happier gaming still with the satisfaction :)

rabidpancakeburglar2842d ago

I find it really pathetic when people buy awful games just because it's easy to get all trophies/achievements. Your friend must have a helluva lot of crap games.

CynicalVision2842d ago

Same here, whenever I read comments such as "I'm only playing because it's easy" or "Even though I hate the game, I still want to platinum it" I just cringe.

PhoenixDevil2842d ago

Yh I totally agree, surprisingly my friend has mostly decent plats, but he will play bad games (Avatar, Quotom of Solice, Dark Void) for plats n thats what I just can't bare to do. Credit to him tho as hes also platted some insanely hard games like Sims 3, C&C:RA3 Vanquish and so on

Still I don't like the concept of buying games just for trophies, even if there decent game, Heavenly Sword and MGS 4 will always be 2 of my favourite games despite no trophies n played them both multiple times

Parapraxis2842d ago

I think the first rule in being a trophy collector should be, don't buy a game just because it's easy to boost trophies with it.
I sure as hell am not good enough to get many trophies in WipEout HD, but for those who have a platinum in it, I give huge respect.

PhoenixDevil2842d ago

Its a good point, I currently have 8 platinum trophies (1 trophy away on 2 different games) but there all games I've really enjoyed, out of them all only Vanquish did I play with goal from the start to get the platinum, it ruined some of the enjoyment for me so yes don't buy games just to platinum then its even better :)

P.S also respect for anyone who has done Wipeout HD that is tough :P my currently 'hardest' platI have is Demon Souls coz its such an awesome game :)

InNomeDiDio2842d ago

I play on PC and don't give a S*** about any kind of achievements. Even Steam has this crap. But I have only one Steam Game. I just play games and have fun. In that time you will reach Plat in a game I'll completed 3 other great games and had my fun.

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