Activision: There is no simple “port” for CoD: Elite on PS3, very complex dev challenge

Activision’s decided to come out in the open about the delay regarding starting the closed beta of Call of Duty: Elite on the PS3 aswell as promising that they’ll be able to start it soon.

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Raider692836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Activision: There is no simple “port” for CoD: Elite on PS3, very complex dev challenge"

Complains and more complains.The never ending story of the PS3. And emphasis on the "port".

ATi_Elite2836d ago

"Activision: There is no simple “port” for CoD: Elite on PS3, very complex dev challenge"

Translation = "We are just lazy and really only half ass make this game for the 360 then quickly port it to the PS3 and PC".


Complex dev challenge and COD on the same line... LOL

Since when Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V is hard?

BattleAxe2836d ago

They can keep CoD Elite on the 360, PS3 gamers don't want this crap anyway.

Raven_Nomad2836d ago

Black Ops is the best selling game of all time on PS3, Modern Warfare 2 is the second best selling. I think it's safe to say Call Of Duty has a large following on PS3. Of course people on PS3 want Elite.
I'm in the beta for the Xbox 360 and it's far superior to anything else available right now. It's so in depth. Comparisons to or anything else is premature and wishful thinking. Trust me when I say Elite is 10x better.

You don't speak for the PS3 community, it's clear that there is a market for such a thing, research shows it.

BattleAxe2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Look, I AM the PS3 community, and the PS3 community is ME. If you think that PS3 gamers were happy with that crappy port called Black Ops, then you're out to lunch. Sales for MW3 will be 2:1 in favor of the 360 you know why? Because people like me will be playing Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and PayDay: The Heist.

Research shows it :D

jaosobno2836d ago

"Activision: There is no simple “port” for CoD: Elite on PS3" - so we should expect a complex port?

Micro_Sony2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

@ Battle Axe that still does not answer the question why is Black Ops the number one played game on PSN?

Surly if it is as bad as you say then PS3 gamers would not be playing it.

Edit: Also how can one person on N4G that spends most of his time here than on PSN be the PS3 community.

newleaf2836d ago

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! PS3 pre-orders for MW3 are already higher than Black Ops. I don't know you being the ps3 community but you apparently pre-ordered a ton of mw3 copies lol

kneon2836d ago

I'm sure plenty would want it, but the question is how many are dumb enough to pay for it. I've not seen any feature that's really useful or worth paying for, is there more to it than what their website says?

BeOneWithTheGun2836d ago

I used to love COD but after playing the crap out of MW I just got bored with it. Great game for those who like to still play it but I just went through my GameQ on GameFly and holy crap there are a lot of games coming out.

I enjoy SP more, anyway unless is innovative MP like Demon's Souls or team based like the old rainbow 6. So, I am going to get Battlefield but in all honesty, once Skyrim drops I will disappear forever.

kabala2835d ago

Ok I don't play this game nor battlefield. I'm a resistance, halo, unreal kind of guy.Let's not kid ourselves that COD will be the best selling game again on the PS3. We might not want it but a vast amount of other PS3 players will.

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thugbob2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

This is what happens when you have a short development cycle. If they had more time they would have been able to solve this "very complex dev challenge" and release the Elite beta on the PS3 on time.

It's 'best' to be optimistic about MW3 on the PS3 like Best and Inside_ out are... all hail the people's champ CoD/sarcasm


Dread2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

a developer says it is having trouble with playstaiton 3 and the sony fanatics immediately blame the developer and call them lazy. It is never sony's fault. Sony is always right and they are just a victim of a global conspiracy lead by MS and followed by other developers to topple Sony.

u guys never stop amazing me.

@hitman below:

wow..... spoken like a tipical n4g tin foil hat wearing sony fanatic.

@battle axe above:

u sound bitter. no need to hate on the game dude.

arjman2836d ago

This is Activision we're talking about

Brawler2836d ago

Champions don't make excuses.

Persistantthug2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

am I right?

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KingSlayer2836d ago

Yet games still keep cranking out on PS3. I'm sure it's challenging, but isn't almost everything in development a challenge? Suck it up already.

Kyosuke_Sanada2836d ago

All I heard was Microsoft shelled more money to us.....

Burning_Finger2836d ago

Activision and Complex = does not compute.

Activision and Port = Profit

Hitman07692836d ago

bold faced lie. they have contract with microsoft for timed-exclusive DLC and we are expected to believe all these ps3 shortchanges are a coincidence? Get the f#$% outta here... only morons believe these people.

Mustang300C20122836d ago

Only morons complain about sh*t they claim they don't care about in the first place.

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