Top Ten PlayStation Network Games []

Last week we chronicled our top titles on Xbox Live Arcade. Now it's time to examine PlayStation Network. Sony's digital space quickly gained a reputation as the console home for independent, experimental titles, but that perception has slowly been challenged by XBLA's commitment to the space. PSN PLAY may help swing the pendulum back eventually, but that's far from certain. Regardless, the accumulated catalog on PSN is undeniably strong, and we've compiled its very best.

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ShawnCollier2839d ago

Always wanted to try out Flower one of these days.

Acquiescence2839d ago

get it now! It's only a measely £6.00 or so on the store. It's a profoundly moving experience, even if it's difficult to articulate exactly why.

skyblue142132839d ago

Flower is definitely worth getting, I own over 100 psn games and flower is one of my top 10 best psn games.

wirapuru2839d ago

I have some nostalgic feelings about flower because it was really the first time I used the sixaxis on ps3, was a joy.

BUT get the demo and play it first.. I sure like it but 80% of my friends don't, and still 60% of them would buy it because of the hype it got and then flame it for ignorance.

Flower is more of a beautiful abstract experience that will amaze you if you're into more deep concepts, but can become a waste of money if you just game to compete.

Dwalls11712839d ago

Fat princess

And on A side note all those ps1 classics are amazing ..

mephman2839d ago

Fat Princess is pretty sweet. :)

ryuuk2839d ago

So many missing games that derserve to be on that list!

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Fat Princess
Super stardust hd
Battlefield 1943
Final Fantasy XII
Ratchet and clank Quest for booty
Wipeout HD

Kee2839d ago

Didn't realise it had FF 12 on it. lol.

Acquiescence2839d ago

What'chu talkin' 'bout Willis?!

You meant Final Fantasy VII right? Yes you did.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2839d ago

@Acquiescence @Kee

lol yeah FFVII , roman numerals fail lol

Hardedge2839d ago

Fat Princess for sure. Love that game, it's ridiculously addicting.