Sony's London Studio Hiring For Visually Ambitious, AAA ''New IP''

''According to a number of recent job listings on SCEE's recruitment website, SCE London Studio are actively developing an unannounced, visually ambitious ”new IP” – with the development house seeking an ”Art Director” and ”Lead/Senior VFX Artist” with ”Game industry experience having shipped AAA titles”.The listing, made by Team Soho, apparently seeks a Lead/Senior artist ”with an exceptionally high ambition for its VFX.”

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golsilva3083d ago

Nice, i was hoping team soho (creators of getaway) would be doing a big title given that they are talented enough to do so. This might be the big character driven move game from sce london that was posted before.

Rynx3082d ago

I hope it's not a MOVE game. I'm not hating on MOVE or anything; and I do agree that MOVE does need a killer game. But I still think that this should be another Getaway for PS3

ChiVoLok03082d ago

Or if it is a Move game that it will be a great game that shows what Move was made for.

mastiffchild3082d ago

Don't London(formerly SoHo) only do casual and move games these days? AAA might be a new SingStar update that looks pretty for all we know!

SilleGamer3082d ago

SCE London Studio is highly competent.

No disrespect to EyePet or their other great franchises but I would love to see what they could accomplish with an AAA budget.

dragonyght3082d ago

cmon now where the hell is 8 days

OllieBoy3082d ago

Its budget went to funding Eyepet, unfortunately. Very stupid move by Sony.

Thecraft19893082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Not just not that it was also used to fund home. This was the reason behind the getaway and eight days being near enough cancelled.

Micro_Sony3082d ago

Eye Pet sounded promising on paper but fell short on the final product.

Sony should have giving this project to Media Molecules but understand that they were not acquired when Sony started Eye Pets.

MM are one of my favorite developers and I actually rate them as the 2nd best developers right below Kojima.

SilleGamer3082d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion that Gamescom 2011 will be an eventful one - considering we didn't really see a lot of new big-hitting titles from Sony at E3 2011.

It can't come sooner enough! ;)

btk3082d ago

The GetAway... that would be good...

firemassacre3082d ago

i would literally throw my nachos in happiness outside of my balcony if they announced a new getaway as a sacrifice.

WhiteLightning3082d ago

When I saw the trailer for Eight Days back in 2006 I was blown away with what I saw, this could of been a great game and this is coming from a guy who isn't keen on co-op based games.

They need to bring it back.....I want to slide over car bonnets while shooting then smash through building windows for cover :)

Silly gameAr3082d ago

When the trailer first came out, it did look pretty cool, but the videos of the actual gameplay looked kind of boring in my opinion.

It does look like it has potential, but it looked like it could be so much more then it was. Maybe that's one of the reasons Sony put it on hold.

newleaf3082d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion you'd never say that if it wasn't cancelled. SONY cancelled 8 Days for that reason but gave Playstation Move Heroes the green light? Lol come on Silly, we know you like to think Sony is omnipotent and makes only decisions that can be explained away with praise worthy logic but come on...

Silly gameAr3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I don't think Sony is anything. I do prefer the PS3 but I'm not delusional. I give credit where it's due. I'm not in some love affair with Sony just because I like the Playstation brand.

Sorry I'm not negative toward every freaking thing they do like you seem to be.

In fact, what exactly are you getting at? Would never say that if it wasn't cancelled? No, I'm pretty sure my opinion wouldn't have changed either way.

I HARLEM I3082d ago

If this is a title starting from scratch probably a ps4 launch title.

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The story is too old to be commented.