Sony Santa Monica working on 4 unannounced games

Being a first party studio is not necessarily a good thing for its employees, in addition to fulfill the gynormous amount of expectations the studio set out for itself, they also help out other first party studios as and when required.

This also seems to be the case with the veteran studio that gave us the brutally violent God of War series, apart from working on the next huge installment of the franchise the developers are also working on multiple unannounced titles.

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norman294726d ago

posted 'Sunday, August 14, 2011,' thats hardly old is it :|

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4726d ago

Me too. They must think they some beasts trying to make 4 games at once.... oh wait... they are.

BrianG4726d ago

Some of those games might just be PSN downloadable to. I just woke up (I know I'm lazy today) so I can't think straight enough to name any of their previous PSN only work.

SilentNegotiator4726d ago

Four?! How freaking big is Santa Monica Studios?

limewax4726d ago

Journey will be a PSN title sporting the SM logo, can't remember why, but they are helping in some way or another

NewMonday4726d ago

they are co-developing Starhawk

Sevir044726d ago

so perhaps this job posting is old and these games have been announced already!

AKA4725d ago

and i remember that the 2010 e3 multiplayers demo of TWISTED METAL also had the SANTA MONICA logo so they are also helping EAT SLEP PLAY to do TM...

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sinncross4726d ago

Not all4 games are fully developed by SM. They do help with development of other games.

frankrobs34726d ago ShowReplies(1)
showtimefolks4726d ago

its also games that they are helping with like starhawk SM are actually helping out starhawk devs in developing the game.

watch the bonus round where SM's president is there i think it was 2 months ago and he pretty much confirmed few big titles in development

one of them is a new GOW game whether its GOW4 or not i don't know but i can say that that i am 100% confident they are working on a new GOW game which excites me since i am a huge GOW fan and can't wait to pick up HD remake of psp GOW to complete my GOW collection and story

also I would like them to do a sequel for heavenly sword and GOW3's improved engine that would be great

actually sony have a lot of games in development that we know nothing about besides that there were rumors so where there is smoke there is fire.

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281219864726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

I havent heard about it either...He has removed all the other unannounced games from his original profile...

TheCopyNinja4726d ago

Hopefully none of them are GoW related.

qwertyz4726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

no they are done with God of war. Sony specializes in making new IPs remember? they never milk their IPs just have trilogies and move on to something new, sly cooper is an exception though.


but at least they have more exclusive IPs than other console makers and I don't count handheld spinoffs

Micro_Sony4726d ago

So the definition of milking has changed now.

2.1 God of War
2.2 God of War II
2.3 God of War: Betrayal
2.4 God of War: Chains of Olympus
2.5 God of War Collection
2.6 God of War III
2.7 God of War: Ghost of Sparta
2.8 God of War: Origins Collection

Vita will have a God of War trust me

newleaf4726d ago

SOCOM? Plus God of War has 5 games.
What about Ratchet n Clank and their 9 or so games?
GT has 5 main games and a couple of prologues.
Uncharted has 4 including Golden Abyss
Killzone has 4 including liberty
Resistance has 4 including um whatever on psp
Sony aren't the masters of trilogies as much as you'd like em to be.

squallheart4726d ago

The only diff from other milk franchises is they are or stay in constant quality never average. Well thats just my opinion.

DaTruth4726d ago

What the hell is GOW:Betrayal? Did I miss something?

I don't think collections count as far as milking goes! I have all the GOW games and haven't felt compelled to buy a collection yet! Why not add limited and collectors editions if you're gonna go that route!

mastiffchild4726d ago

Betrayal is barely a game at all-it's fekkin cell phone game of very dubious quality which shouldn't be allowed to darken the name of Sparta!

Fact is we've only had FIVE GOW games made-three for home console as a trilogy and two for PSP as the controls were different.

the fact we had the GOW collection was because so many people missed out on GOW2 being so late in PS2 life(also pirated to death)and they wanted to hype GOW3 so the only REAL milking is taking the PSP games onto PS3-but a lot of gamers asked for that and you can't argue that the games aren't effin amazing. Milked means, to me, when a series quality lags because they've milked too much out of it.

SM only ever made three GOW games, though.

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HardCover4726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

If two or more of them are God of War games, then I'm buying none of any of them. Same goes for whatever Kojima makes next.

Tired as hell of developers saying "this will be the last one for a while, we want to work on something new" and then flipping a bitch within the next announcement.

BattleAxe4726d ago

It all depends on how much you loved GoW3. Personally I could deal with another GoW game. Its not like you play GoW everyday like CoD where it becomes repetitive. GoW is the Blockbuster movie of gaming, and who doesn't want to see another Indiana Jones movie or another StarWars movie?

Urrakia344726d ago

I don't want to see another Star Wars because I think it'd ruin the original hexology and I damn sure don't want to see another Indy movie. (Last one was horrible.)

Muitnorts4726d ago

I really don't want another Star Wars or Indiana Jones.
I wouldn't mind another GoW though, but would prefer it if they took some time off from the franchise.

DtotheRoc4725d ago

i concur. indi is one of the greatest series ever aside form james bond which i'm dying ot see a new bond already but last i looked daniel craig was busy making a cowboy scifi film lol but who knows harrison ford is in it so it might actually be kinda good.

Dwalls11714726d ago

Fat princess vita hopefully ...
Any thing with the name god of war also

RankFTW4725d ago

God of War: Pony Adventure?

xabmol4725d ago

Hell yeah! Ponies of the apocalypse!

Kratos can keep 'em in a stable and raise them on the flesh of the defeated untill they are strong enough to ride. Then, destruction shall reign!!