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TPV Writer Phile: "Judging by the huge success of the title Minecraft, its no surprise that other developers are getting in on the action and creating their own version of this phenomenal hit with people across the world. Minecraft has reached over 3,000,000 sales now and other developers want a slice of the action. Probably one of the best and also original versions of these clones is a game called Terraria.

The game has already been called the 2D Minecraft and with a price tag that is almost a third of Minecraft, it’s also a good deal. Since the game had recently received it’s 1.0.6 update, I thought now would be a good time to give the game a thorough inspect to see if it really lives up to it’s name."

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Kee3080d ago

I think the game has come a long way since release. That's for sure. And it's only gonna get better with time.

Blacktric3080d ago

It needs more late game items and bosses and more stuff to do. I've nearly done everything a person could with the game. Killed all the bosses including Skeletron and even farmed bosses like crazy to get more Demonite Ore and money, completed the dungeon, got all armors except Jungle and Necro (both of which I don't care too much), I've made farms to grow rare plants to make potions, I've made a legit obsidian farm without using those water/lava duplication techniques and I have all the important late game weapons and items including Night's Edge, Dark Lance, Sunfury, Rocket Boots, etc. I know I still haven't done a couple of things like making skybridges and looting floating islands, but it feels like I can't do anything more than this. But still, I'm addicted as hell to this game. 75 hours and counting (got it as a gift 1.5 weeks ago thanks to a friend). If they add a bit more stuff to do for the people with high class items, it'll, without a doubt, get my vote as the Indie Game Of The Year. Amazing game.

4pocalyps33080d ago

I am in the same boat as you, friend, I have literally done everything there is to do in the game and I'm finding it hard to think of new things to do besides custom adventure maps. But it's only fun when you're doing it co op. They definitely need high class items for us.

Chocoboh3080d ago

its good to be an indy dev right now

Kamikaze1353080d ago

I've pumped in a lot of hours into this game. My only complaint is that there is no end game content. Once you get the fancy weapons and armor, there's nothing else to do. There are only like 3-4 bosses and those battles are over before you know it. Hopefully we get some epic boss battles and some new areas, like snowy or cloud area.