Surfer Girl: Nintendo's new handheld, Beyond Good & Evil 2, etc.

Surfer Girl has hot scoops on Nintendo's new handheld, a new game treatment of J.J. Abrams' works, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Frédérick Raynal's new game, and Red Steel 2.

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Skerj3996d ago

WHOA if they follow through with BG&E2 omg that'll be so awesome. It was supposed to be a trilogy but since apparently people weren't too interested in the first I thought it was going to be put on indefinate hold. Can't wait to see if it's true and what they accomplish with it if it is. The first one ran off of the Prince of Persia SOT engine, so maybe the Assassin's Creed engine for this?

KidMakeshift3996d ago

I'll believe it when I'll see. I'm sick of rumors playing games with my emotions

Jdoki3996d ago

At last years Video Games Live in London, they had Michel Ancel on stage at one point.

When someone shouted out about Beyond Good and Evil 2, he was pretty candid... He said he was ready to do it and would love to do it, but UbiSoft hadn't/wouldn't green light it.

Perhaps things have changed.

MK_Red3996d ago

ZOMG, I'd kill for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Superb awesome news. Hope it's really happening.

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