Should all games have demos?

It makes a lot of sense to have demos available for most games on the market...

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dangert123083d ago

I think It should be a legal Requirement and they should give you a taste of whats actually In game. Because games these days are not cheap oh and 30mins least without Including Cutscenes time which would add to It...

Inside_out3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Unfortunately, evil companies like EA have started to say they want to charge you for a chance to test out their game.

If EA gets their way, you will have to sign up with EA, give them all your personal information and then pay a small fee, you know, to off set their costs...O_o...and then you can play the demo which will probably have a time limit. :/

The sheeple keep patting these guys on the back for coming up with these evil schemes and believing these guys have no money or are some how losing money when they are posting record profits...o_0

When will it end with these passes, VIP passes, Season passes...there is NO end in site, just pay and shut up... the meantime, Jason and Vince from MW2 and infinity ward fame were suppose to get 18 million dollars each and every Infinity ward employee would share in a 84 million dollar pool set up by Activision, meaning $800,000 for each employee plus their salary for 2 years work and STILL, they were not happy and wanted to go make games for EA...INSANITY

RGDfleet3083d ago

They gotta make money somehow bud....which means taking it off consumers like you....doesn't make 'em evil i'm afraid.

Kyosuke_Sanada3083d ago

I'm pretty sure greed is one of the seven deadly Sins so yes it is.

jeeves863083d ago

A game that doesn't have a demo is more than likely a game that if I purchase is going to be used. Unless it's a game in a series that I'm already familiar with or have been looking forward to. If I don't like it, it's going back to the store where someone else can pick it up used. If devs don't like this, they should include a demo. Download only titles should definitely have demos.

Not that I think used-games are the bane of the industry, that's just my 2 cents.