Mass Effect 3: 10 Facts That Everyone Should Know

GB: "We saw Mass Effect 3 at this year’s E3 and on the basis of that we present to you ten facts that you should know about it.
Mass Effect 3 has to be one of the most anticipated upcoming games, and for good reason. We all saw just how good Mass Effect was, and how much better Mass Effect 2 was. The franchise has maintained a high level of quality, and after the spectacular Mass Effect 2, nobody will be able to resist Mass Effect 3. The features and tidbits that have been revealed about Mass Effect 3 so far sound great, and BioWare have made it clear that they’re leaving no stone unturned with the third Mass Effect installment."

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WolfLeBlack3082d ago

Just thought I'd point out that in your article you state you've gathered 13 facts about Mass Effect 3. Might want to check that :D

Cpt_kitten3082d ago

1 its not an rpg anymore
2 bioware completely watered it down for causual players
3 prolly gonna get an email from someone from the last game saying thanks like me2 did
4 the council is still not going to care
and the rest go on from there

only reason why i am gonna borrow this from a friend is to finish the story, game is not worthy to buy anymore because bioware killed it

TheOtherTheoG3082d ago

You did read the article, right?

Cpt_kitten3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

yeah, dosn't mean bioware totally let me down after promising an rpg and then turning around and saying they making it easier for new people to play.....the same excuse they used while making ME2

water done crap thats all this will be

if there are such improved RPG elements why did they completely take out the skill tree?

Blacktric3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

He doesn't need to. He's the senior shit thrower of N4G that is currently responsible for taking care of Bioware and every Mass Effect 3 related article on the site. It's a shame he doesn't know what RPG means.

Edit: They took out the skill tree? I'm sorry who said that? There will be a skill tree and you will be able to spend points and unlock new abilities, just like you could do in ME 1 and 2. You're seriously misinformed...

VanguardOfCalamity3082d ago

Will hopefully have had a good enough Skyrim fix by release... hopefully

Bigpappy3082d ago

This is one game where the story, for me, is as important as the gameplay. DA2 story was was pretty good also.


i cannot wait for this. all out war? hell yes!