Shenmue: The Unfinished Tale

For years fans have been asking, no, begging Sega to complete the planned trilogy of the Shenmue series. But let's wind the clock back to 2000 and see exactly why there is a demand for the unfinished story to reach it's conclusion.

Done that? Good. We're now in the year 2000. We're wondering why our computers didn't stop the world rotating. We're listening to dance music at its very peak and we're pre occupied with Final Fantasy VIII. But all this aside, the Dreamcast, released in 1999 is still in its first year on sale and has a slew of hits bracing the guts of the system.

This one hit, however, came as no suprise. Shenmue was hyped up for many months before it's release in the latter stage of the year. Billed as the most expensive game ever made. Featuring gameplay mechanics that were on an entirely different level to anything we had ever seen.

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BizDaWolf3082d ago

I been waiting on shenmue 3 since i was 13 am 18 years old now I lost hope a long time ago