New Kid Icarus: Uprising screenshots

Check out some gorgeous new screenshots of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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AWBrawler2835d ago

Oh My! Pit has the Shining Finger? This is getting interesting!
So He has Wolverine's claws, Domon's Shining Finger, Beet the Vandel Buster's Bazooka, Leon's GunBlade, and what appears to be Palutena's staff! Somebody is gone kick ass in the next Smash Bros.

Cpt_kitten2835d ago

can't wait, main reason i even got a 3ds

im guessing it wont sell that well due to the fact prolly 95% of kids today have never heard of the original kid Icarus except from super smash bros

AWBrawler2835d ago

as you can see by my name, I've been a fan of pit since NES and it pisses me off when people call this part 2 when its really part 3

AWBrawler2835d ago

what phantom disagreed with my fact?

Cpt_kitten2835d ago

lol yupp

i got 2 but its totally true that kids today don't know about pit and his awesomeness

SpoonyRedMage2835d ago

It's really up to Nintendo to market it. Pit's inclusion in Brawl means that a lot of people who never played the original will recognise him and the story seems to be going for a shonen feel so they might be able to draw people in with that.

Samus HD2835d ago

So Kid Icarus is like a new IP from nintendo

Brasi822835d ago

Yea, Nintendo is pretty good at using established IP's to get people to buy into a different type of game. See Metroid Prime and Kid Icarus. Same familiar faces with new gameplay.

Shnazzyone2835d ago

More or less, looks like the start of a beautiful new franchise. I'm excited.