White Knight Story pictures from Famitsu

Magazines just love Level 5's White Knight Story. Famitsu has released some new looking screenshots and, while a bit fuzzy, show off some brighter colors than we've really seen so far.

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KidMakeshift3994d ago

Even though it doesn't look nor play like it's debut staged demo

shmee3994d ago

the final version will look and play as good as the original trailer

FF13 challenger confirmed

Ofcourse FF13 would be the most selling game of this gen and cannot be rivalled but COULD BE CHALLENGED

KidMakeshift3994d ago

They toned down the Anime look the characters originally had in the first staged demo. They look more natural and from what they showed at TGS this year the enviroments color palette isn't as vibrant nor as saturated as it once was. Also, the gameplay looks more like Final Fantasy 12 now. I'm really hoping the fighting in the final version is more like the staged demo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Skerj3994d ago

I'm just glad they fixed that damn run animation, it was HORRID!!

KidMakeshift3994d ago

What, from the first staged demo? I kinda liked it. It was more like brisk jogging, hehe.

Skerj3994d ago

Hahaha that was like the most feminine run I've ever seen on a dude, I think someone said something to L5 because it didn't stay for long afterwards. Anyone know if you can create a female main character?

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allforcalisto3994d ago

tbh its premise seems pretty corny.

of what i've seen you've gotta go after a princess.

looking at some comments in GS it looks like they could be playing on cliches and story archetypes. but who knows.

i think it'll be a good game, not great. worth buying but nowhere near OMFG my eyes have seen god.

Vertius3994d ago

All Level 5 games have cliched stories, that's not their focus. It's how it's told.

Baba19063994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

i love this kind of games =D, jrpg yay

Zhuk3994d ago

those pictures dont look very good, i wonder if it will live up to the hype

InMyOpinion3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

It looked better at E3 two years ago, but graphics have evolved a lot since then. No doubt it will be a great rpg though, Level 5 always delivers.

thereapersson3994d ago

No use commenting on something you don't care about...

Vojkan3994d ago

Bad quality of pictures, but still looking forward

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The story is too old to be commented.