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CS: GO all new game, comparable to MW3, Battlefield 3

Valve has just announced a new twist to their heavily popular shooter franchise, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

At the moment, there wasn't much details we can go on to learn how the game would look like. So, to get more information on this title, it is best to ask from someone who thoroughly played the game, not a staff from Valve, but an average fan who also happened to loved first person shooter type of games.

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Community2873d ago
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Vip3r2873d ago

Don't dare compare CS to COD. Don't even thing about it.

gaffyh2873d ago

I agree, this could completely kill MW if it's done right.

NewMonday2873d ago

don't know anything about CS, how are these things compared to COD and BF:


deadpoole2873d ago

The thing is CS is legend ... but the thing thats buggin me is that Valve is usin the same old engine which it used for all its past games ... so if so then this game is not gonna look any different then prev CS ... only better graphics.

news4geeks2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Counter strike killing CoD? not a chance. Why would people want to play a game where they get owned by top class gamers instead of a game which gives them plenty of aim assist to get a kill.

Unless of course they give counter strike aim assist, which they may have to do in order to be able to aim with the 360 controller and it's ridiculously cumbersome analogue sticks.

gaffyh2873d ago

@new4geeks - MW pretty much copied CS, but CS is actually better in some ways, just the graphics aren't up to date. It definitely has a chance to become a huge franchise if it's multiplatform from day one, that is the only thing that kept it in obscurity imo, and even then, it still had (and has) a pretty massive fanbase and active community.


have you seen the trailer for this though? looks like its running off a PS2.

BattleAxe2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I just hope they change how you get your weapons in Counter Strike. I didn't like the weapon purchase system at the beginning of every round. If they put classes into the game, I'll jump on board day one. I miss tactical shooters that are done properly like Socom series on PS2 and the Ghost Recon series. I've always felt that Counter Strike had some similarities to Socom, but in first person view.

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Chocoboh2873d ago

You're right CS pretty much created the competitive FPS genre

miDnIghtEr2873d ago

It's an Xbox Live arcade and PSN game. Not even close to comparable to a full version of COD or BF. It's going to be more comparable to that Breach arcade game than anything else.

Solid_Snake-2873d ago

why not compare this to call of duty. cod 4 MW is a far better game than CS.

my opinion though.

BattleAxe2873d ago

CoD4 is also quite a bit newer. If Valve ups the graphics and animations in CS and then gives us weapons classes, then I think the game has great potential.

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Kee2873d ago

When's it coming out o.0?

DtotheRoc2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

counterstrike is the best game ever with the best community...granted i have talked to lot of socom 2 players and they seem like a damn good group of gamers as well--i on the otherhand am a pc guy so i missed out on socom but COD!? pfff cod4 search and destroy reminded me of counterstrike source BUT still took a lot less skill than CS. cod is fun but for noobs. Do we really want a counterstrike on consoles though!? then we'll have to deal with the immature brats who suck at anything but cod and it's super cheap sleight of hand pro perk.

sickbird2873d ago

the old SOCOM 2 community back in the day was great, met alot of good people on there.

Theo11302873d ago

I don't know, I think they're completely different games, all with their own different style.
COD is super arcady,CS is super realistic and twitch based and BF is where in the middle of both; which is what I like about the Battlefield Series, aside from having tanks and aircraft.

toaster2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I don't mean to rub it in any more than I have to, but I was MVP today.

And I agree that they are all different styles of play, CSS being my favorite of the bunch mainly because that's the big one that really got me into online FPS.

Theo11302873d ago

ewww you're commenting on something I wrote, we might as well be touching dicks.

BTW, There's a reason you have 2 bubbles, gloating about your MVP won't help, lol.

3GenGames2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

I saw the article, and lol'd when it said 360 gamers wouldn't buy it. From what I saw on youtube, looks pretty awesome. Sort of like Battlefield 1942, but with more "verticality." A upgraded game like that to me would be awesome, and so would going back to basics would be awesome, as with all the games and spin offs today, it's needed to realize where games have come from and what is fun.

HaloSpartan2873d ago

They are dumb,i'm a 360 owner and would buy this. I dont like cod.

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