John Carmack: 'Rage is arguably the best-looking thing out there'

GB: "With about two months to go for RAGE, there should be no doubt that the game should be high on the wishlist of many gamers out there. Other than its awesome and addictive gameplay, there is also a lot of hype sorroudning its visuals and the slick sixty frames per second that this monster will run at."

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Why o why2839d ago

it looks slick as fc*k. The competition for the console graphics king heats up. I hope this games good. Ive always respected carmack

Karooo2839d ago

Man, its gonna be an amazing game. Carmack is awesome, cant wait for vehicle battles. Too bad Twisted Metal got delayed.

ATi_Elite2839d ago

Yeh but do i wanna be seen with it in public?
Can it make me a sandwich?

Hopefully the game play and action matches the graphics.

Exoil2838d ago

I love the way most developers put the word "arguably" to such use nowadays!

- Hey, you piece of ****, your game is crap, it's not the best looking game or there!!1!

- Remember my friend, I said arguably!

Miiikeyyy2839d ago

I think games like this prove that we can get more out of the consoles. Companies that are complaining that they need new consoles should look at what id software and naughty dog are doing

frankrobs32838d ago

Id yes naughty dog not so much.

cooperdnizzle2838d ago

Frankrobs3, Fanboy, yes, gamer, not so much.

Miiikeyyy2838d ago

Nuaghty dog not so much? They won 50+ awards for Uncharted had to have been doing something right

rjdofu2838d ago

@MYK1992: dude, in the eyes of fanboys, awards mean nothing.

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chriski3332839d ago

It is one of the best looking games but its not out there yet

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Septic2839d ago

The key word there being arguably.

But still, the game does look amazing. Can't wait to play it!

ape0072839d ago

im sure it gonna be awesome, from the vids and pics u can feel the ID SOFTWARE MAGIC

limewax2839d ago

I want to see some more of the PC version, I mean if the engine can push 60FPS while getting those textures, Just imagine how the engine will be on PC, I wouldn't be surprised if its on par with source for stability

Rashonality2839d ago

i hope it will be fun too.

JellyJelly2839d ago

Although it's not "out there" yet. :p

xtremegamerage2839d ago

Game does look sweet, but the best looking thing out there? Na.

The water is poor in rage, looks 2d. Kinda like gears of war 2 fire fx. 2d.

Animations look like animations. Quirky.

It does look good for 60fps. And i'll i probably will enjoy it.

Loved the quakes,dooms etc.

vickers5002838d ago

"Animations look like animations. Quirky."

Don't know what you're talking about, the animations I saw were some of the best, most realistic animations I've ever seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.