Resistance 3 'Seaside' Multiplayer Gameplay Video (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "With the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta available we decided to take the game for a spin and show one of the available levels known as 'Seaside' in this video."

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dead_eye2840d ago

Enjoying the beta. Think it's more of a clan multiplayer game. You need to work together to win.

ajeben8092840d ago

As much as ide like to agree with you, they've actually removed any sort of clan functionality from the series and reduced it to the "clan tag" feature. In other words, no more clans. Not sure why.

dead_eye2839d ago

Never played much R2 online.

I'm only on about gameplay when I was on about clan's.

I can't see why they would have removed any kind of clan functionality if they had it in before. It's a total team game so stupid of them in the full game doesn't have more clan support.

Jac5al2839d ago

It's a beta. It could very much be in the full game. They probably kept it out to reduce the size of the beta.

dead_eye2839d ago

Yeah 3D isn't supported on the beta either.

xtremegamerage2840d ago

It could very well flop.

Not sure why it's in 1080p, it's subhd game. Shame.

Really enjoying the beta, but they should have kept native rez, and get rid of that horrid movement blur.

Other then that it's a great game with nice weapons and upgrades and decent maps.

Micro_Sony2839d ago

Agree with the blur thing as it gets annoying after awhile.

skeletonss2840d ago

thats a shame, had high hopes for this game. looks so boring, nothing to seperate it from other fps from any vids i have seen so far.

Bobets2840d ago


I got no games to play so I troll on PS3 exclusive cause Im jealous.


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The story is too old to be commented.