Transformers Universe beta "very soon' & new details and teaser

Beta testing for free-to-play browser MMO Transformers Universe will begin "very soon", creator Jagex has informed Eurogamer.

The game's executive producer Kris Jones shared that and more during a long chat about the head-turning new IP.

"It's very soon," said Jones of the beta. "It's not going to be far away.

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Wizziokid2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

"The Transformers Universe team will build on a modified RuneScape engine Jones thinks will be "the next step in browser-based gaming from a graphical perspective"

Well I didn't expect that Jagex would create an fully 3D MMO I was kinda hoping that they would, I mean thew game could still be awesome when you look at the success of Runescape but this isn't the way I've always pictured a Transformers MMO to look.

Time will tell I suppose.

2841d ago
usualjay2841d ago

It looks promising, anyway.