HobbyNews Review - Xenoblade Chronicles

HobbyNews: "Since Monolith Soft announced Xenoblade Chronicles, much has been said of this title which has the unanimous acceptance by the public and especially the critical sector. And no wonder as the possibilities and surprises offered by the title are to be categorized, without a doubt a masterpiece."

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knifefight3087d ago

Wish this would get an NA release :(

CrescentFang3087d ago

I see where this is going

NA gets Baten Kaitos II but no PAL release

5 years later... Xenoblade gets PAL release, but no NA release

Nintendo and their tactics...

Rrobba3087d ago

Europe gets the shorter end of the stick most of the time, finally something comes our way. Having said that, I agree that it is unfair for NOA not to release this in the US, after all, the text/voices have already been translated for the UK...

CrescentFang3087d ago

Yeah I know. tbh this whole situation isn't that bad, I mean the game was translated in English the only obstacle to get through is that the Wii is region-locked. I'll probably import if Nintendo never decides to localize it. You guys missed out a lot on the PS2 (well concerning JRPGs I think), but I think you're finally getting Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS this year. Hell I don't even care if NoA don't feel like making the English "American" it's not like it's a whole other language :)

Zechs343087d ago

I know its not right but since Nintendo will not bring over games I want, I will get the PAL version online and fire up Usb loader...

I swear it seems like Nintendo changes bosses like every couple years. They go from being stellar to forgetting what they do... its confusing.

Kos-Mos3087d ago

Pre-ordered. CAN`T WAIT.

Rrobba3087d ago

Me neither. It comes out in a matter of days here in EU!

Kos-Mos3087d ago

Next weekend. Let pay respect to Monolith Soft and of course Tetsuya Takahashi.

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