Diablo III Announcement Outrage Over Auction Houses and Always Online

Original Gamer: "The RPG Fanatic talks about the recent announcement that Diablo 3 will require the player to have internet access in order to play even in solo mode and that the game will support players to sell in-game items for real life currency. A lot of people have expressed outrage over these revelations and he shares his opinion."

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StayStatic3081d ago

He makes some good points that make sense , i will still be buying this =)

madjedi3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

He made 2 valid points, the writing off of people who want to play offline period or while traveling and the arrogate buy a better connection statement, even if that is not realistically possible were flat out dick responses.

Not everyone in the world has the same options you do idiot, it's a stupid american saying it i know, which makes the rest of us look bad.

I guess it is human nature to assume our options ect are the default standards, clearly they are not for everyone.

malol3081d ago

this game went form a day one buy to a no buy for me

malol3081d ago

not really
plenty of games to play
and if you are talking about the game it self

then yah
i'll take that loss like in a blink of an eye

like you kidding me ??
no MODS and always have to be online to play EVEN Single Player ??
and then that store auction thingy so
no thanks

palaeomerus3081d ago

My loss too buddy. This isn't really a Diablo anymore.

Tarmgar3081d ago

Thanks for securing me a copy!

malol3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

lol you are most welcome man XD

shayol33t3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Seems like activision is neutering everything it gets its hands on. This has Kotick's stench all over it.

Also its pointless, pirateers will find out how to get around it.

Gran Touring3081d ago

Good points made, but not enough to sway me from the game. This game will be way too good to pass up on just because you need to be online to play it.

Dylken3081d ago

I've logged over a year of play time in Diablo's to date still installed on my desktop. I've been following both D3 and Torchlight 2 quite close as the action rpg genre is one of my favorites, however (as i thought they would) blizzard is not releasing a better version of Diablo 2, but instead a brand new game. I think this the cause of the concerns frankly, as half of the fanbase wanted a new, fresh game, while the other half truly wanted "Diablo 2.5" keeping skill points, rune words, etc. As of now, and while this is not final, my purchase is set for Torchlight 2, due to the fact it is exactly what i'm looking for.

scepter3081d ago

id buy it why sell my item form in game for real cash ill be donald trump within 3 months lol

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