Razer Deathadder Transformers 3 Mouse Unboxing

Original Gamer: "Obsess over Transformers much? Think that Transformers 3 was the best movie this summer? Wish you had a sweet looking Transformers mouse? Check out the new special edition Transformers 3 DeathAdder mouse from Razer."

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2838d ago Replies(3)
Pikajew2838d ago

Doesn't transform? Not interested

mindedone2838d ago

About as exciting as a Sam Witwicky mouse.

hazelamy2837d ago

i don't doubt they're decent mice, from what i've read they make very good products, but i hope they aren't charging a premium for the transformers branding on those, because a little logo is not worth paying more for.

that said, the yellow bumblebee one does look cool. ^_^