The Top 10 PlayStation Heroes

With a repertoire including Mario, Link, Kirby, and Samus, Nintendo stands at the forefront of recognizable game mascots. However, people often forget the great number of characters that Sony has brought into this world. While they don’t enjoy the popularity of Nintendo’s bread and butter, many of Sony’s icons are instantly recognizable in the realm of gaming. Ranging from the cartoonish style of Crash Bandicoot and Sly Cooper, or the more realistic design of Nathan Drake or Ethan Mars, Sony’s roster is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

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newleaf3084d ago

Maybe Sony should make a Playstation Heroes game...throw in Move for good measure...there's NO WAY that could fail hard

Why o why3084d ago

2 consoles could make and fill smash brothers brawl cannot. Please stop trollin

newleaf3083d ago

and only one would be good and sell so whats your point?

Why o why3083d ago

Sell like alan wake or be as good as ninja blade...either way I'd rather have something to play over nothing at all. My copy would be all that mattered. Hows that npd game going btw?

thebudgetgamer3084d ago

my favorite is nameless race car driver from GT5.

iamnsuperman3084d ago

No matter how manly Kratos is and how cool Drake is and how powerful Colin McGrath is they are not match for Sackboy. Out of the lot he has sought of become an unofficial mascot by representing what Playstation is (Diversity )

r213083d ago

umm, whos Colin McGrath?
honorable mentions of Sly and Helghans has appeased me >:D

Snowii3084d ago

im sorry but crash isent number 1?

his the most iconic playstation character

i think he deserves it

mt3084d ago

where did you see numbers in the list ?

Snowii3084d ago

why do you need number?

whats at the top is the lowest and at the bottom the highest

meaning that at the list number one is ethan

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The story is too old to be commented.