Gears of War 3 in 3D

Epic Games also bet on the 3D in Gears of War 3.

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FlashXIII3087d ago

This is AWESOME! I guess most of you couldn't care if it's in 3d but I'm glad Epic are adding the option. Chainsawing someone in 3d will not be beaten for a long long while I don't think.

JoGam3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

YES GREAT NEWS. I dont have a 360 however I am a big fan of 3D and have a PS3. Got KZ3, S4, MS, and others in 3D. Its good to see a Awesome title like Gears in 3d for the 360 people. Gears will help sell 3D TV's. I got my 3D TV for KZ3, and Socom 4.

hyabusha3087d ago

This Is amazing news!! I've always wished Gears would have a 3D option!! Those with 3DTVs are gonna be very happy!! WOW!! ^_^

The Meerkat3087d ago

I bought my first HDTV for Gears 1.

and now (even though it will give me a headache) I will buy my first 3DTV for Gears 3

jdktech20103087d ago

Very cool if true....maybe this is part of why they delayed it.

FlashXIII3087d ago

Nope it was delayed because Microsoft wanted another AAA core game for a Christmas release. Most likely Cliff and co were twiddling their thumbs wondering what else to do with their time and decided they might as well add 3d.

jdktech20103087d ago

wow it's like I said "part of"....which means it wasn't the only reason they delayed.

The main reason was in fact they wanted a holiday release and everyone knows it but apparently you missed the part and went full on literal with's cool, I do it too sometimes.

Sorry, in a sarcastic mood today...bad timing

m233087d ago

They were able to do the beta because of the delay, so I think it worked out great.

jetlian3087d ago

this is true =) man my top two games both having 3d

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