ESG: League of Legends Joins the MLG Pro Circuit

MLG has added League of Legends to the Circuit. Making an appearance in MLG Raleigh. Anyone attending? Thoughts on another PC game being added to the MLG line-up? What are your thoughts on this? Will this generate a lot of players and support or not go far? Any other games you think should be added? Leave your thoughts below.

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tdrules2835d ago

Strange, seems to be a bit of a fuck you to DOTA2

grailly2835d ago

they could have both I guess... people will be turning to the game with the bigger price pool I guess

wwm0nkey2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Something is telling me DoTA2 will be in there as well. Though in the same Genre they are really different. I mena MLG has a lot of FPS games too.

I wonder how long it will be till MLG adapts Counter Strike since CS:GO is aimed as a e-sports title.

Gator_ESG2835d ago

Think they will have to add it as well. Think MLG is expanding games which would make sense. Right now its limited audience.

Gator_ESG2835d ago

DOTA will be there soon also.