Naughty Dog Website And Stats Having a Revamp and Facelift.

Arne Meyers, Naughty Dog: "Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the website will be unavailble for an undetermined amount of time on Sunday, August 14, as we do some site maintenance and prep the site for some minor upgrades and a facelift.

We'll keep you updated on our Twitter (@Naughty_Dog) when we expect the site to come back up!"

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Dwalls11713078d ago

Just in time for uncharted 3

WhiteLightning3078d ago

I hope NaughtyDog open a online store soon.

With all this Uncharted stuff coming out it would be the best place for them to sell it. They would make a load of money buy selling replicas of things in the game and maybe even Uncharted Lithos

NicSage3078d ago

I wanna drop some paper on some sweet swag, I wish more companies would have shirts to get, i'd buy em up.. only thing I have is a Deadspace 2 shirt & PSRewards.

NukaCola3078d ago

Wow, looks great. Bungie did it, Killzone did it, Uncharted is doing it...And it's all free....

What then COD Elite? What is wrong with you Activision?

NicSage3078d ago

Actibliz is a greedy corp. They want money they know how to make it and no one is going to stop them.