Gears of War 3 - The Destruction Begins August 23

LMG: Epic Games has released a brief 15 second trailer that only contains the words The Destruction Begins August 23. We for one think this would be multiplayer reveal of the game considering the campaign is being revealed on Monday. Check out the trailer on the site!

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ATi_Elite3085d ago

Wouldn't it be cool if Gears3 had a fully destructible environment?

Kamikaze83085d ago

That would be a major game changer, I think they would shy away from that. I like the semi-destructibility that is already there.

gamingdroid3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I was playing Gears 2 today and noticed on one of the levels a big concrete fence started falling apart revealing the structure beneath and exposing me more, and it was pretty significant so it is definitely possible. It really isn't that difficult to do.

However, since Gears is a cover based game it would change the game mechanic too much to make it Gears and what was fun about it.

It would be essentially a different game and I enjoy Gears the way it is right now.

catguykyou3085d ago

Look at the page source for the site. The full description of the article (on epics site) is as follows.

The charges are set. Be ready for whats to come and watch as live detonations are used to create the Gears of War Omen. Witness it all go down.

Inside_out3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Gears has some destructibility but it's like most games...barrels, wood crates and, well...all the locust of course...this video ( 5:21 ) shows some of the shredding that will be available...this is the complete E3 demo...

CommonSense3085d ago

it would be cool if this meant that everyone that pre-purchases gears of war 3 gets early MP access on the 23rd.

omi25p3085d ago

I thought August 23rd was the date the Embargo lifted for press who played the first act

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fluffydelusions3085d ago

Wasn't the game leaked? I think we would know if it had fully destructible environments.

Micro_Sony3085d ago

The leak was a very old build so allot of things could have been added since then.

LycanSoldier3085d ago

There was something going around about the Gears logo being blow-up into a mountain, could very well be related to this.

Micro_Sony3085d ago

Yup something to that degree - its going to be some viral marketing campaign that will shock and awe around the world.

MS said that they will be treating the release like Halo so expect something huge.

Kamikaze83085d ago

That sounds like a very good possibility

IAmTheTruth3085d ago ShowReplies(1)
aviator1893085d ago

Hmm, well, consider me pumped.

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