Saturday Night Stream: Call of Juarez The Cartel

Fan of Call Of Juarez and haven’t gotten up to pick up the new chapter in the franchise that takes it to present day. Well you are in luck, we give you a chance to check it out before you decide to buy it with our Saturday Night Stream of Call Of Juarez: The Cartel.

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ShadyDevil3079d ago

Call Of Juarez is a great series but The Cartel was kind of a letdown in some cases. The multiplayer is fun though.

Rob9463079d ago

Co-op is actually really fun in this game =]

Jdub895O3079d ago

i heard this game was one of the worst games made in history.

NLGSean3079d ago

The game is actually not as bad as what people are saying. I wish they stayed in the old days though because I loved the first 2 games. MP is fun when you can actually find people to play. My main gripe is the extreme cussing in The Cartel. This game uses the "F" word waaaaaaaay too much. Bad language is fine, but the developers went way overboard with it.