Fruit Ninja Frenzy arriving on Facebook (ubergizmo)

Halfbrick’s addictive fruit slicing game made its premiere on the Xbox 360 with the Kinect earlier this week, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop there. MTV Multiplayer got the exclusive scoop on the next version of the game, and it looks like Fruit Ninja is ready to take on the world’s largest social network – Facebook.

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Bigpappy2839d ago

Fruit Ninja with a mouse. I want to see how they implement this.

Micro_Sony2838d ago

Fruit Ninja is every where and its addictive.

I would really like to see a version with the Annoying Orange and all his friends in it - that crazy laugh would make me slice like a mad man.

Rainstorm812838d ago

Fruit Ninja HD is on PC now and it isnt bad at all with a mouse......very similar to playing the games with touch controls...It lacks any social networking what-so-ever...cant wait.

PS move is next.....wait and see they want all touch controls to have this game it seems....