"Create-An-Arena" Confirmed for WWE '12

A new mode to be seen in WWE '12 has been announced.

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jbl3162837d ago

I'm hoping this "Create-an-Arena' mode lets you change the lights, staging area and even the ramps. It could be a very fun feature. Let's hope it lives up to the hype!!

Nate-Dog2837d ago

I loved that feature in (I think it was) WWF Attitude, man I'd spend ages changing lighting, ropes and well everything before I'd play a match in that game. I haven't played a wrestling game in a long time but it'd be cool for everyone if they brought all that back and obviously with the progress from the PSOne days there should be a lot more for everyone to customise.

galgor2836d ago

Yep it was Attitude! Loved it aswell. Oddly enough if you go back & play Attitude & feel how blocky it is, that's what the WWE games feel like they've become. The game needs to be completely rebuilt. Not just a shiny new name & extra features, but a new engine.. it's been too damn long.

JD_Shadow2837d ago

Wow, the author was a sort of a smart ass in response to this.

But yeah, very cool to be able to create a set to go with our PPV names and concepts.

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