Being a Crystal Can't Keep Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Georgia van Cuylenburg, the voice actress behind Vanille, has let slip that she'll be reprising her role in Final Fantasy XIII-2. During a Twitter exchange, she confirms she's working on the project despite her characters unfortunate crystallization at the end of the first game.

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tiffac3081d ago

Of course she would be back. She is the "Moe" of this game. lol!

ReservoirDog3163081d ago

Wait, isn't that a spoiler in the title?

Godmars2903081d ago

As someone who hasn't finished the game I can only agree with you, but then there's the bit where I've yet to get myself to finish the damn game so it hardly matters.

saladthieves3081d ago

I thought so too. I haven't finished the game yet (really got to do it soon) but I guess that's an ending spoiler in the title.

wolokowoh3081d ago

Yah Vanille was my favorite character in FF13 but then again my favorite character from every FF game is the crazy bitch with a screw loose. Vanille(13), Rikku(FFX and X-2), and Yuffie(FF7) to name a few. Vanille is adequately explained though. Yuffie's compulsive stealing and Rikku's overly dramitized perceptions of most situations aren't though.

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The story is too old to be commented.