Battlefield 3 developer not yet interested in Wii U

According to a new report, developer DICE has a Wii U dev unit, but aren't interested in porting Battlefield 3 to the console yet.

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Inside_out2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The " next gen engine in the current gen " should be able to jump to the Wii U with out much trouble tho we are still waiting for some " REAL " console footage from 360/ps3. Down to 8 weeks or so and still nothing...O_o

With all these devs taking a wait and see attitude with Nintendo, you have to wonder what is going on over there???

Also mentioned in the write up...

" the 250 member DICE development team "...

...Wow...those are some big numbers. I think Infinity Ward, the version that made MW 1 & 2 had under or around 100 people. I hope it sells well. With Popcap at around 400+ people and these guys at 250, their could be some lay offs very soon at EA...hope I'm wrong.

btw..I don't consider Jimmy Fallon as REAL footage. I want to see the tank roundabout and the other pre-E3 footage on consoles. I guess EA-Dice are waiting till the last couple of weeks to reveal ;)

Agent-862841d ago

And why do you care? It's obvious by all your anti-BF3/DICE/EA trolling rants that you are not getting the game. So, why do you care if it is or isn't coming to the WiiU? Also, why do you want to see other console footage? So, you can troll and rant on those threads as well? Please, stay with your beloved COD. You actually turn people off to MW3 with your immature, no facts rants.

KingDustero2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Why should they care about a console that isn't even launched yet? There is no gurantee the console will do well.

Also there is currently a VERY small user base on Nintendo's platforms that would care for a BF game. Dice would just be wasting their time developing their games on a Nintendo platform.

Rainstorm812841d ago

LMAO Owned...

On Topic:

Wasnt BF3 one of the games Nintendo showed to be coming to the Wii-U???

This is why you cant believe shyt until the system has playable games...that goes for any upcoming system not just the Wii-U

Besides who is going to wait an entire year for a game you can get this October??

ChickeyCantor2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"Wasnt BF3 one of the games Nintendo showed to be coming to the Wii-U??? "

They were just talking about the possibilities.
It was an easy way to promote their game. It was never confirmed.

wenaldy2841d ago


You have some issues regarding your bipolar state of
Last time I checked you're the biggest COD fanboy in this site..

Rainstorm812840d ago

Here you go about the 14:30 mark they show battlefield 3... granted he did say imagine.... So i guess according to dice we will have to Imagine for quite sometime....

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2840d ago

I've known this already for awhile, why waste man hours to get the game working on a console that not alot of people will buy at launch?

They'll wait till more people actually buy the console, these companys are all about the Cash

DeadlyFire2840d ago

Game engine has to be modified for WiiU. If you don't know the specs its kinda hard to tweak it. Just give it some time.

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Mario4life2841d ago

They'll Probally do what EA wants them to do.

qwertyz2841d ago

if wii u hardware was on par with modern high end pcs(not enthusiast level pcs with gtx590s and 6990s by the way but rather just single high end gpus like gtx570/580 or amd hd 6950/6970) they'd obviously be interested (their pc gameplay demos where running of single gtx 580s by the way). looks like its NOT, it would obviously destroy ps3 and 360 in the hardware department though but will still be no match for current pc hardware.

xCaptainAmazing2841d ago

I'm assuming they're not interested yet because it would be ridiculously stupid to dedicate resources towards porting it to a fourth platform when they're already crunched for time as it is. If EA thinks it's worthwhile, it will get done. Considering they're spear heading Wii U third party support, I'd say it would be a fair guess to assume it's going to happen sooner or later.

Agent_hitman2841d ago

I thought Wii U is 5x more powerful than 360/PS3?..

Rearden2840d ago

No, that was 50% more powerful, not 5X more.

DeadlyFire2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Noone knows if its 5 times or .5 yet. Nintendo is hiding the spec sheet.

IBM Watson tech in it + AMD GPU of some kind at least on par with ATI 4800 series. So that equates to at least 2.5 times more powerful then PS3/X360 GPU if true, but without knowing the CPU specs its difficult to say how much so the whole package is worth power wise.

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