CNETTV Zune 80 First Look

CNETTV have posted a first look into the new Zune 80. The video covers the differences from the first Zune and shows some of the new features that will be in the Zune 80. Including Wi-Fi syncing, audio and video podcasts, screen quality improvements, touchpad and the new operating system.

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Vojkan4087d ago

Ipod wanna be clone. Microsoft typical copycats

FordGTGuy4086d ago

Their designs are totally different in hardware and software. The Zune is also way more reliable then the iPod. The Zune 80 has a feature list that would be the iPod Classic pee its pants not to mention a glass screen like the iPhone.

SuperSaiyan44087d ago

I thought the old one already had that and did wi-fi syncing, maybe I am missing something.

Oh and everyone that is a true music lover will know that iPOD's are terrible.

FordGTGuy4086d ago

the new Zune 80 will Sync to your Wi-Fi network and sync your podcasts and music without the software being open.

Jen5en4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Seems Microsoft is making a lot of friends. First competing with the MacOS, Linux, then in the console business against Sony and Nintendo. Then they back HD DVD. Now they wanna take on Apple with MP3 players...

I wonder if they can really win a war with so many fronts.

Bladestar4086d ago

If Sony is able to fight so many fronts... while being broke... I'm sure microsoft will do just fine... Besides... it seems as if the Zune is getting a better response in the market than most people anticipated... and the 360 I don't have to remind you that it's not doing all that bad... so, so far.. they seem to be doing ok in all fronts... so far.

FordGTGuy4086d ago

Dude the Zune 30 has been out for over a year where have you been?

Vojkan4087d ago

BTW- IS Sony in this battle, do they have some product like zune/ipod? Guess not but...

Bladestar4086d ago

Are you kidding? Sony is everywhere...

whether anyone care about their MP3 players.. that's a different story.

iceman29294086d ago

sorry man, but sony has always made audio players... rember UMDs... lol, i wasted a few hundred on that sony mp3 walkman and mini-discs...

FordGTGuy4086d ago

Who do you think made it?

kewlkat0074084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

a electronic lesson history is needed bro...Sony failed to take advantage of the digital Music age when it started, even tho they made portable music what it is today.

That Atrac prepriatory format and their minidisc never had a chance when MP3 players came out.

Rio was a big player back then, well before Ipod.

This Zune looks better, I seen the new commercials and what I like about it is "It's not an Ipod". The price is sweet, but the software is still iffy, but that's MS for ya, Apple beat them in that department.

Creative makes good MP3 players and haven't been able to shake Ipods of the top, as long as there is a piece of Pie for everyone, MS won't stop. They have the financial backings to gamble. Sony has fronts everywhere, Tv's, phones, portable music, console..etc but Sony has been weakened by new competition from all fronts.

Hey remember the "first Gen IPOD and now the 5th GEn, well the Zune 2nd Gen is better then the 2nd Gen Ipod. I think it will only get better, then again Itunes is what really pushed apple sales. Eventhough I hate it and thinks it sucks but it works.

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Marriot VP4086d ago

100$ 30gb Zune in three colors.......enough said

I couldn't pass it up.

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