Fortresscraft v1.09 Update Passed

"Fans of the game have asked for this to be released instead of the previously in development v1.1. A few of the features which have not made it into the update but other notables have. Such as, theplacable water block, improved networking, world voting system and the much anticipated workshop feature."

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3GenGames3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I bought this game because I was holding out for buying Minecraft and it looked okay for $3, but man was I wrong. :( Crappy block hit detection which is unexcused, graphics can't keep updated because of the graphics not being buffered right, no reason to explore yet, etc. Just plagued with mainly technical problems though.

Oh well, hopefully they fix it all though. Won't play it over Minecraft, especially not how it is now, but it would help to have the game polished up for those who for some reason like it. I like how that workbench stuff is added too. All the creator could scream when it was coming out was that it's not close to Minecraft. But when it's all said and done, it will be Minecraft, except the unofficial indie one that gets the snot beat out of it when the real console version comes out sadly. Oh well, at least this dude still cashed in and will have a reason to make another indie game.

IQUITN4G3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I'm a massive fan of Minecraft but there is a lot to like about Fortress Craft. One of the best indi games in my collection. Very much looking forward to Minecraft for xbox but there is also so very much to like here from FC if you like the creation side

Lets not forget that custom multiplayer built arenas for fps shooting is one of the directions of FC should you want that. This essentially allows you to make your own play areas for a bunch of your mates or anyone else out there

Clearly it's doing something right though considering those that then go on to buy the trial.It's not quite the clone people make it out to be once you give it a chance

"crappy hit detection" , nah this is working just fine. I think people should just give up with the transparent attempts to sound like they wanted to like FC, it doesn't hurt the game any now it has this much momentum

This is what you can do with custom blocks:

3GenGames3090d ago

Walk into a rock and watch the screen shake, that's just unexcused.

HK63090d ago

There are no rocks in FortressCraft. Now it is very clear you are just trolling.

3GenGames3090d ago

Any piece of land, blocks, whatever you call them.