New Releases for the Week of August 14, 2011

With the return of a lycanthropic Centurion (Altered Beast) Ryu- an amnesiac who can transform into a dragon (Breath of Five IV) as well as the titular Travis Touchdown (of No More Heroes fame) players should be well-acquainted with this week’s protagonists. Sure, Jerry Rice’s name may sound familiar as well, even if the concept of his game isn’t.

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sharpsword3090d ago

football with dogs? Are the pitbulls defensive linedogs?

deserteaglexix3090d ago

Yes, and the best go to the Super (food) Bowl ;)

mediastudies3090d ago


Breath of Fire IV for me. You know the price yet?

CrescentFang3090d ago

Breath of Fire ftw!
I wonder whats going on with Breath of Fire III...

SageHonor3090d ago

NO MORE HEROES.. cant wait