Resistance 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Videos

Eric of writes:

"The Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta is up and running although still not as smoothly as Insomnic or gamers would like. For those who are tired of all the disconnects, lag or any of the other bugs we’ve got a ton of multiplayer footage for you to check out. We’ve got Team Deathmatch videos, Chain Reaction videos for both maps: Seaside and Trainyard. We’ve got footage of all the killstreaks and even some bugs that came up during the beta. Throughout the beta we’ll keep adding more and more videos so keep coming back to check them out."

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theherp802841d ago

i think the retail will be 60 but it will only support 720p

ambientFLIER2839d ago

Lol? Sub-720 and 30fps confirmed.

dwightmccarthy2841d ago

The kill streaks look way over powered

nopunctuation2841d ago

This isnt Black Ops. Resistance was originally all about overpowered and unbalanced fun before R2 showed up. Im glad they are going back to what made Resistance 1 such a cult hit. Its better to make an unbalanced game than to try to balance a game a screw it up.

dragonyght2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I like how they differentiate the faction in the first game the human got radar and the chimera could go into rage mode it was fun time :) I wish that had stay with the series

ncstatefan9532841d ago

I need to spend more time with this beta.

paybackprahl2841d ago

The beta has definitely been a blast to play so far - can't wait for the full release