PSP Remaster Series and Multiplayer

PSP Remaster series will require a hardwired connection in order to utilize its Multi player Adhoc Party. This may not sit well with the many wireless users out there.

"The PSP Remaster series will use adhoc party for its multiplayer-based PSP games. Adhoc party is available for download via the PlayStation Store and is a software that turns your PS3 into a server of sorts for connecting the PSP to users around the world"

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Ddouble3084d ago

This needs to be changed. I haven't been able to play anyone on Dissidia because of this. I can't have an ethernet cable ran along the house to where my PS3 is.

plmkoh3084d ago

Whilst the PS3 wifi module is communicating with the PSP, it can't simultaneously communicate with your internet router.

So it would be a pretty safe bet that it won't change.

Ddouble3084d ago

Ah i see. I checked it after and see that some people could do it if they had a laptop or pc nearby. So i'm probably in luck.

Servbot413084d ago

Hopefully they patch out all the bugs with adhoc party, half the time the rooms bug out.