Graphics of new 'Ratchet & Clank' game rival look of movies

When one thinks of the leaders in computer animation, a few familiar film studios come to mind, namely DreamWorks and Pixar.

Traditional movie companies like Fox and Warner Bros. have also made successful forays into animated fare.

Video games, however, have rarely been known for the artistry of their animation, for two reasons.

First, while they almost inevitably fall short, most video games of any genre try to look realistic - realistic cars, realistic football players, even plausibly "realistic" dragons and aliens.

But what defines great animated characters like Mickey Mouse and Shrek is not any notion of realism, but rather an exaggerated yet unthreatening expressiveness. That is one reason so few of the classic animated characters are human: anthropomorphized animals give the artist much more creative leeway.

Just as important, in those cases when designers have gone for an animated look, technology has simply not allowed games to come anywhere near the fluidity, detail and depth possible in a noninteractive film. Not to mention that game companies often undermine even brilliant graphics with lackluster voice acting.

All that changed this month with the release of Insomniac Games' "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" for Sony's PlayStation 3 console. The new "Ratchet" is a watershed for gaming because it provides the first interactive entertainment experience that truly feels like inhabiting a world-class animated film.

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MK_Red5304d ago

"The biggest problem with “Ratchet” is that at times it is so lushly compelling that you find yourself just staring at the screen, as if it were a movie, rather than actually playing the game.

But that is not a bad problem at all."
Good one. It's a really breath taking game. Both graphics and art direction are mindblowing.

Danja5304d ago

I actually did that a few

gamesR4fun5304d ago

words dont do it justice its a breathtaking game.

gamesR4fun5304d ago

still words really dont do it justice its a breathtaking game.

Bathyj5304d ago

There nothing wrong with stopping to smell the roses occasionally. I'm all about details. Every texture or object in a game is a piece of art someone has created and because I recognize that maybe thats why I appreciate details more than some people. Often I'll stop and stare at a door and go WOW thats a really nice wood grain, or look at the moss on that rock.

I suppose alot of people dont notice things like this, but that just means its doing its job. Its when it looks wrong that it stands out and blends in when its right. Like a referee is a game, you dont notice him when he makes good calls.

JsonHenry5303d ago

The game does have a damn good look to it, that is for sure.

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snoop_dizzle5304d ago

they must of quoted the whole thing because at the beginning of the article on the web site it says its from SETH SCHIESEL
The New York Times.

But yeah im surprised they didn't write their own article.

snoop_dizzle5304d ago

this game looked amazing, i don't think it was exactly pixar graphics, but sure as heck near it.

Danja5304d ago

I agree..I don't think Console games will ever actually reach Pixar quality but this one came pretty close...

HeartlesskizZ5304d ago

I think an R/C movie would be great =)

WIIIS15304d ago

Sorry, I'm still playing it and it is nowhere near Pixar. Some of the scenes are very well done, but some, like the animations of travelling from planet to planet, look somewhat similar to Metroid Prime - which is most definitely not Pixar-like to any extent. Get a grip on reality - games will never be near the level of big budget movie animations.

cartman3135304d ago

@BS3 - The traveling to other planets is a fraction of the game and it doesn't really need to be amazing. The rest of the game looks like a Pixar film. It may not be exact but it is pretty damn close. And to say games will never reach that level is the most simple minded thing I have ever heard.

texism5302d ago


Actually, that is pretty reasonable.

By the time consoles reach Pixar graphics, Pixar graphics would have made another leap

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xplosneer5304d ago

I just reported this as a duplicate....
A repost of the NY Times preview.

Whatever.....Game's still pretty good.

solidt125304d ago

This game is very very pretty. Nothing looks this good.

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