What Are You Gaming On? (Gameinformer)

"I'll be the first to admit that this is a completely self-indulgent discussion, but I'm hoping it'll spark an interesting conversation and maybe even help some other people out. I'm in the market for a new TV. As you might imagine, I like to play video games from time to time. I'm working with a relatively shallow space, so I'm looking at either an LCD or plasma display. And I need your help"... (Jeff Cork)

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fluffydelusions2836d ago

Just playing on a 32" LG LCD I picked up on Black Friday a few years ago for $400. Nothing special by any means but it does the job.

ATi_Elite2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

PC1 3 23" HP LCD monitors
PC2 1 30" HP LCD Monitor 1 20" HP LCD monitor
HTPC 1 46" Sony Bravia

NukaCola2836d ago

I got a 52" Toshiba Regza LCD 120hrz HDtv. It was cash about two years ago, but it's not really cutting it today. The frame rate isn't silky smooth like current 120-240hrz TVs. So I think I am going upgrade soon. I am getting a 3D tv but am waiting for the Real D 3Dtvs from CES this year, the ones that use regualr polorized glasses. No flicker or batteries and Oakley is making a really great set of cheap glasses. That will be pretty damn awesome.

Rainstorm812836d ago

A 40" 120hz Sony Bravia i got for 600$ a year ago.... I love the picture but the sound is Crap....... good thing for Surround sound.

Anyone else with Sony Bravia sound issues? a Friend has a 52" Bravia and has the same problem...

Shaka2K62836d ago

Most HD tvs have bad sound. You need to upgrade to a sound system, or buy the new PS3 headphones if you really want to experience the best.

ATi_Elite2836d ago

Most LCD TV's or monitors have average speakers. They do not wanna put Hi Fidelity speakers in those things cause.....
1. very little room
2. the speakers would require an amp

So it's just better to buy a sound system and connect it to the TV.

Rainstorm812836d ago

Yes i had no choice but to buy a RCA surround Sound system to get the sound i wanted.... plus with the digital optical hook up my sound is flawless now.

firemassacre2836d ago

32' 720p eco hdtv with advanced adaptive luma set on medium, picture sharpness set at 5. rgb FULL.
color custom (cool setting) sound rock.

iamnsuperman2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

26 LG LC55 (LCD) I got back when I got my PS3 at launch. It is nothing to special but It has survived trips back and forth from uni and does look good. I am thinking about upgrading the size sometime soon

thebudgetgamer2836d ago

i have a 26 inch vizio that is 720p but reads 1080 when i have the ps/360 hooked up for some reason.

Rainstorm812836d ago

I may have had that same TV... the box said 720 but with the my consoles it went to 1080p..... Vizio is the best value Tv company around.

They have a 48in 120hz 3DTV w two pair of glasses for 899$..

thebudgetgamer2836d ago

they have a 32 inch 3dtv with internet apps for around five hundred, i'm hoping my chick will get it for me on xmas.

SkullBlade1692836d ago

32" SD CRT lol... I spend too much money on my PC rather than buying a decent display for my consoles. Meh I'm not really bothered about it though, the CRT does the job... if I want extreme graphics I just game on my PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.