"Don't Play Video Games With Your Girlfriend" - Original Music - TGG

Tweex the Gaming Geek released his fifth song called "Don't Play Video Games With Your Girlfriend" which is a rap song about how playing video games with your significant other might cause a lot of problems..

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ShawnCollier2836d ago

Have to say the lyrics were pretty amusing. Good video. :)

audiogamerman2836d ago

Hahaha. I love this guy! And this is true with me and my GF. We always fight if we try to play together!

Hardedge2836d ago

Hahaha, catchy stuff right here. xD

Jack_DangerousIy2836d ago

Lol. Corny, but funny.

When I go over to my girlfriend's house I usually watch her play something and vise versa.