GameTrailers - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Preview

Are you ready for a second brutal bout of Capcom's all-star battle royale?

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CrimsonEngage3080d ago

Preview of the same game that came out a few months ago with content that could have easily been DLC? Awesome. /s

jeseth3080d ago

Capcom sucks for this. In earlier gens ok, but in this day in age all these versions of games are BULL.

I won't even buy a Capcom fighting game from this day on. I bought SF4 and then they make SSF4, then super duper SF4, then super amazing duper SF4. Now they are doing it with Marvel vs. Capcom.

F these guys. People hate on Activision and EA for milking games, Capcom is worse.

BlueEye3080d ago

Looking forward to it. It's gonna be fun.

NYC_Gamer3080d ago

capcom just love to make like 20 versions of the same game