GTA V: What Rockstar should do next

Grand Theft Auto V will be set in Hollywood; use recession-hit LA as a backdrop to critique capitalism, celebrity, social networking, corruption, family and society; be voiced by Charlie Sheen and Megan Fox; launch in late 2012 and, obviously, change games and their relationship with the world forever.

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Johandevries3086d ago

I have seen 1,000 articles like this pass by and some of them got 200+ comments. Seriously, just be patient...

Best3086d ago

Remove GTA:V from the xbox so we can get a full game on the 50GB blu-ray discs on PS3.

maniacmayhem3086d ago

And what would that accomplish?

Micro_Sony3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

You mean like InFamous 1&2.

Why didn't Sony use 50 GB of the blu-ray on one of its own IP?

LOGICWINS3086d ago

Why does Rockstar have to remove GTA5 from the 360 entirely so a 50GB GTAV can exist? They can just do a multiple disc version for the 360 and do a 50GB Blu-Ray version on the PS3.

Kee3086d ago

It will be a full game on the 360. It's just it'll come on like 10 discs.

Psychotica3086d ago

Or just remove it from consoles all together so it can be done right on the PC

Ranshak3086d ago

Lol you PS3 fans make me sick. Oh the power of the bluray and Cell.. sigh.

Looks like Sony really managed to completely brainwash some of them.

One of the best looking games out even today the original Crysis came on DVD. There isnt a game on the PS3 that tops it, even when Crysis is running on 2006 PC hardware. Hence the logic that Bluray and Cell = good graphics fails. Its Sony marketing hype at best.

Remember how they hyped 4D, 120fps blah blah blah some of you took it too seriously.

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subtenko3086d ago

M$ needs to suck it up, idc if yall 360 owners have to have 10 disc for the next GTA, I just want R* to put everything they've got in the dang game! Modders make GTA4 better than what it is ENTIRELY so thats more proof that R* needs to step it up.

When need features like riots in GTA5, that would be crazy! This also goes in mind with the hope that pedestrians become more intelligent or self aware (if they arent then you need to do things like, press X to encourage people to join riot). Stuff like that. Oh and a new First person camera -_- why is that not in the frikkin game? (besides mods..) :/

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TXIDarkAvenger3086d ago

Not even 1st party studios of Sony had used the full capacity of the Blu-ray disk. So take your fanboy shit somewhere else.

Honestly, a FIRST PERSON CAMERA? omg just slap ur self right now....

tee_bag2423086d ago

What on earth would be wrong with a first person camera? I'm assuming he didn't mean default... I wouldn't like it as the default camera angle as I like the 3rd person but to have multiply camera angles like Liberty city did would be a easy feature to implement and only add.
Considering most of the GTAs you can already look around without walking in 1st person anyway it's not such a radical idea.

subtenko3084d ago

@tee_bag242 dont worry about AnimeAvenger, he thinks everyones a BIASED fanboy. He calls me a fanboy like he's trying to insult me or something,lol Im a fanboy of M$ and Sony and PC gaming.

Of course I didnt mean default. People like that dude are the reason games stay old and rehashed...nothing wrong with adding MORE OPTIONS for people who want it. Im sure I could find something he likes and say "oh, I should slap u right now" thus his argument = fail

Hope we both get a good game man!

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Solidus187-SCMilk3086d ago

I just got the platinum hits mafia 2 with all the DLC included for $10, so far the game is pretty sweet. It is alot like GTA/RDR/LA.N, it uses the same engine at least. I like it so far gonna get my money out of this game with all 3 DLCs included as well. maybe LA noir will have a version with all DLCs later, I still want to replay it and play all of the DLCs.

Im excited to see a GTA 5, hopefully the replace the friends phone calls and stupid minigames with character upgrade/customization and stuff that is actually fun and not stupid.

DrRichtofen3086d ago

I just hope theres more things to do in gta5 than in gta4. In gta4 the only things you could do were steal cars, shoot people, go off jumps, and sky dive. That stuff gets old pretty fast.

waltyftm3086d ago

You forgot, Pool, Darts that Qubed thing and Heli tours.

Micro_Sony3086d ago

You forgot watch TV
Go on the internet
Call your buddies on your cell phone
Get your car sprayed 4 different colors
Change into some hand me down gear
Eat hot dogs
Take cab rides and go on a tour of Liberty City.

Sounds like fun -_-

Rainstorm813086d ago

So you must not have liked LA Noire...

DrRichtofen3086d ago

Sorry but I haven't played LA Noire.

SixZeroFour3086d ago

apart from open world (i havent played la noire either, but i think i recall it being open world) is its gameplay even similar to gta? ie killing ppl and stealing cars...cause if not, there isnt exactly a comparison to be made with liking gta and la noire because you arent expecting to do the same kinda things you do in gta to be done in la noire

pretty sure there were much more and better things to do in san andreas than in gta iv...only thing gta iv did "better" was graphics and physics, which didnt exactly translate to "fun" for most of the fans

Rainstorm813086d ago

Six Zero

His complaint was there was nothing to do on GTA4....but people tend to praise LA Noire, and in that game there is even less to do than GTA4..

I tend to see people that liked LA Noire have this complaint about GTA4, which is hypocrisy at its best...but he hasnt played it so he may not like it just like he didnt like GTA4.... oh and im not a big GTA4 fan i prefer Red Dead

Septic3086d ago

I think Rockstar should hold off the next GTA for the next-gen consoles. That way, we can expect the typical leap in gameplay freedom without technical limitations holding the game back.

We have already seen what GTA is like on this generation. Now if something that surpasses the visuals shown with the modded PC version plus real next gen physics comes out, we will be in for a real treat.

Oh and add some fun!

lazertroy3086d ago

GTA V is gonna be just like GTA IV Garbarge!

Pikajew3086d ago

Rockstar knows what to do the best.

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