Rumor: Saints Row: The Third to Come Packed With DLC

A snippet of information has leaked today that reveals more info on what Saints Row: The Third will include DLC wise.

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Hitman07693079d ago

Game will need everything it can get to make me interested. GTA and SR are becoming like broken records at this point with their repetitiveness.

xPhearR3dx3079d ago

But neither game has had a new release in 3 years :/

LOGICWINS3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"Co-Op Pack: Sometimes all it takes is a friend at your back to help you through the toughest situations. With the Co-Op Pack you can do just that. Play entirely through Saints Row: The Third with your co-op partner and together help the Saints climb once more to the top."

How is this DLC? I thought drop in drop out coop was a BASIC feature of the game...just like SR2.

"Invincible Pack: More cheats than you'll know what to do with. Never worry about dying or running out of ammo! Experience the thrill of Zero Gravity and unlock the Get Down Cheat that makes you ultra limber. Super Saints gives you better guns and better health while Ultimate Clip ensures that you're always ready to fire. Get Infinite Mass for your vehicle plus Super Explosions and you'll be ready for anything!"

Woah woah woah, so now we might have to pay to use cheats now? This was FREE in SR2. The hell is going on here?

fluffydelusions3079d ago

I've never played a SR game but always hearing DLC announced before the game even launches makes me sad.

Yi-Long3079d ago

... for a year or so on a very regular basis...

... which means I won't consider buying it until there's at least a 'complete' edition released.

I don't do DLC.

KozmoOchez3077d ago

If you preorder from the THQ website you can get it all for free...although I doubt the co-op is actually dlc, especially since it was in the last game. Or maybe it's one of those things where you have to purchase the game brand new and use a code in the case or receipt to access it, which I dont mind since I buy most of my games new.

WhiteLightning3079d ago

Saints Row: The Third Will Come Packed With A lot of DLC.....which really should of been on the disc to beging with but we thought it would be super duper awesome if you guys payed more for it.

Micro_Sony3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You mean like the DLC that came with the following games:

Killzone 3 -
Retro Map Pack
Steel Rain
From the Ashes

Halo Reach -
Noble Map Pack
Defiant Map Pack

Uncharted 2 -
Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack
Siege Expansion Pack
PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack
Sidekick Skin Pack

Gears of War 2 -
Flash Back Map Pack
Combustible Map Pack
Snow Blind Map Pack
Dark Corners
All Front Collection

God of War 3 DLC
"Dominus" character skin and "Challenge of Exile
"Phantom of Chaos" and "Forgotten Warrior" s

GT 5
Froza 3
Alan Wake
Spinter Cell Conviction
List goes on

Also dont think the Uncharted 3, Gears 3, Resistance 3, Forza 4 WONT HAVE DLC.

Just becuase those games mentioned above are you beloved titles that does not mean that the get a free pass when it comes to DLC.

Stop your moaning about SR 3 having DLC when every game has it - at lease SR3 is letting us know that DLC is going to be in the game from advance.

Edid: @ below what the are you talking about? DLC is DLC no matter how long it takes to come out.

Are you saying that When KZ or Reach was released the developers never had any intentions of releasing DLC. Why not hold of a little and include all the DLC on the disk b4 releasing the full game.

People like you who dont want to complain about MS or Sony because you think that they are saints make me sick.

xPhearR3dx3079d ago

To be fair, most of those (If not all) came AFTER the game was released. If those were Day 1 then you'd have a point.

WhiteLightning3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Looks like xPhearR3dx beat me to it.

Most of those came AFTER the game was released with Saints row 3 they will probably be content they had as pre orders and stuff which was already in the game.

Sorry to MOAN on about people getting ripped's so selfish of me ¬¬

EDIT to your reply below:

"But if you people are happy with paying for DLC then good for you."

That's the whole point I wrote the comment in the first you actually think before you type. Oh and what does Microsoft and Sony have to do with it....saying I think there "saints", Way to bring things up for nothing.

omi25p3079d ago

He didnt mention anything about it being right that games have dlc that should be on the disc?

So listing all these "Beloved" games that come with launch dlc as if to prove a point is stupid because nobody said that saints row 3 was the only one to do it.

Micro_Sony3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

My point was that DLC is wrong no matter how you look at it, specially when its Map Packs and Skins - those things should be free.

But if you people are happy with paying for DLC then good for you.

Also SR 3 will have enough content packed in it that is more than worht $60. The DLC is for those hardcore fans who want extra for the game.

SR 3 is at least 20 hrs which is more that the standard 10 hr games that are releasing now.

Edit:"which really should of been on the disc to beging with but we thought it would be super duper awesome if you guys payed more for it."

The game already comes with more than enough content that can fit on one DVD. The DLC is icing on the cake so I dont agree with what white said.

I would understand if the game was 10 hrs short and then the were releasing the DLC but that not the case.

omi25p3079d ago

I know what your point is. But nobody said it was right

Buzz7S3079d ago

Steal my work and post it on your own site? Ha.

TheBeast3079d ago

Uh say what now?

*On topic: I hope the DLC is not pricey...

Buzz7S3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Oh, so now we're not sure on what happened.

Anyway. We at Se7enSins have officially leaked a years worth of DLC for the game. =]

trammell3079d ago

This has already been confirmed when they said a years worth of DLC was already planned.

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