Real Details on the New Counter-Strike from Pros Who’ve Played It

Valve Software revealed the existence of the newest Counter-Strike today, but the company seemed a bit shy on specifics, saying that next year's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would bring new weapons, gameplay modes and maps to the extremely popular competitive shooter....

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Shackdaddy8363084d ago

I can't wait. I hope people come up with zombie, surf, and gg mods quickly.

Organization XII3084d ago

CS will obliterate both BF and CoD Bring it on...

OcularVision3084d ago

I LOL'd so hard I think some blood vessels popped.

TheOtherTheoG3084d ago

Never played a Counter Strike game before, have you? Let me just give you a hint, at least half of what makes up the multiplayer of both CoD and BF3 was started by Counter Strike, and the original, 12 years after it's release, is still the most played game on Steam, it has more players at any one time than any game on any console bar maybe Black Ops.

belal3084d ago

but lol is this an expansion pack or a full game?

ATi_Elite3084d ago

I'm guessing here!

But i think of it as a re release of an improved product. So a new game and not an expansion cause CSS and CS1.6 will not be running on the so called "updated and modern Source Engine" CS:GO is supposed to run on plus things have been changed to make it even more eSports friendly.

But it's Valve and I could be totally wrong!

Apollyn3084d ago

Its a new counter strike.

You know what counter strike is right?

Ravenor3084d ago

It's a full MP only game likely to be sold for 15-20 bucks, perhaps more on the PC since it will likely have more features.

Sillyace923084d ago

Old engine is old, oh wait that only applies to MW3, my bad

Fishy Fingers3084d ago

This wont be £40 and wont be yearly. While I understand what your getting at, it's far from a similar situation.

Plus, it's only the people who troll COD articles that care about the lack of new engine. Most people who enjoy COD do so for the gameplay, same goes for CS, its all about the competitive gameplay.

bozebo3084d ago

People who complain about old engines usually have absolutely no idea what they are talking about anyway.

Source and the Infinity Engine are both fully viable for modern usage, equally if not moreso than Unreal.

The only thing source needs to update is rendering - to support DX11 and tessellation. Everything else has been perfect since 2004 and can simply be scaled with new advancements in hardware.

Sillyace923084d ago

Yeah I know, just trying to prove a point

pumpactionpimp3084d ago

The engine is old. But they never tried to sell dlc, after dlc, or come out with constantly repackaged versions of the same thing. They made a game, they made it right, and they left it alone.

And more so on top of that they let the community do whatever they want to it.

Don't ever compare COD to CS or CS:S, unless its to say that COD got something from CS.

Sillyace923084d ago

I forgot the memo where the engine dictated the DLC. L4D and L4D2 ring a bell?

Oh you mean like modding tools that aren't available on consoles?

I'm shaking

pumpactionpimp3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

l4d and l4d2 where entirely different games, and entirely different ideas. not cs3 and 4,5,6, etc.

And as far as moding tools, that's an added benefit of playing on pc, and probably the reason only the xbox got a very horrible version of cs.

I get what your saying and comparisons can be made as far as drumming up revenue. But activision has completely whored themselves out, thus I don't really see it as being the same.

chaos-lockheart3084d ago

will the graphics be better?

Ascalon943084d ago

its gonna be running on the portal 2 source engine

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