Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X double pack coming in September

Well it looks like Psp owners who don’t own both Mega Man games that were released on the platform will get a chance to buy both in packaged deal.

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Kamikaze1352840d ago

I this this is Capcom's way of making up for canceling two Mega Man games? :(

Peaceful_Jelly2840d ago

they are probably testing waters to see if there's still a market for Megaman. Remember that those 2 games were canceled because Capcom thinks that nobody cares about Megaman anymore.

Moerdigan2840d ago

why is everything a test now?

It just seems uncommitted.

there's just too many games coming out right now to bother with Capcom's shenanigans.

Godmars2902840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

With what, a repackaged reprint? I hope not.

Short of re-announcing MML3 - admitting that they make a mistake and putting it out - or a new MM series I don't see how they can get back into fans good graces.

Considering how they screwed up with MM, have failed to include him in MvC3, this is yet another senseless acts done just because Capcom can do them.

Kamikaze1352840d ago

Also, didn't Mavericks sell bad? I remember reading that they planned on remaking more of the X games in this style, but the first one sold so bad that the projects were canceled. I REALLY hope this isn't some sort of test.

Kyosuke_Sanada2840d ago

If Capcom really wants a shred of respect from me, they'd have to announce "Capcom gives Megaman franchise to Platinum Games."

PSWiiKing2839d ago

I disagree on this one. I think that Nintendo should buy the Mega Man Franchise out and put him in Smash Bros. so we can be done with this hardcore request of putting Mega Man in Smash Bros.

Kyosuke_Sanada2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Even though the the thought of Megaman in Smash Bros is a great idea, I think if it went to P+ it would have a much longer life span there than just a one night stand on a fighting game. Take a look at Vanquish, just imagining using its engine on Megaman Legends or any other future title is tantalizing.

And more importantly, the series would have returned to the father himself Keiji so that means that only quality MM games would have been released then. But who knows, if Sega got Sonic in the mix of Smash Bros. then Megaman would have a very high chance of following if under another company's roof.

MakiManPR2840d ago

Why not an HD package for the PS3 instead?

JEW_UNIT2840d ago

Because its much easier to copy/paste 2 games that were created for the PSP than it is porting it to the PS3...Do you not realize that all Capcom wants to do is get more $$$ with less work? lol