Poster for Iraqi TV show looks like Battlefield Bad Company 2

PSX-Sense writes "We came across a promotional poster for a new Iraqi TV-show which reminded us of a upcoming first person shooter. It's very obvious that this is all influenced by the Battlefield 3 promotional images"

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LOGICWINS2841d ago

Blatant ripoff. EA should sue!

rdgneoz32841d ago

They'll get 2 camels in the settlement...

majdees2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

OMG you sir are very fucking funny. 2 camels HAHAHA what a great comedian you are. /s

armorki2841d ago

Do you think that the entire Middle East are living with camels? You're wrong, so be careful what you write next time, I am from Iraq and dont allow shit like this

Blacktric2841d ago

The heads in that poster belongs to main characters from a Turkish TV show called Valley Of The Wolves. It's obviously a stupid fanmade poster. Don't worry about it.

LOGICWINS2841d ago

@armorki- A lot of Americans including myself have a dark sense of humor. Don't take it seriously.

Ja555on2841d ago

I'm also from Iraq and unlike the common saying that the dog is a mans best friend, here in Iraq it's a camel instead, I love my fluffy

turgore2841d ago

that would be nice but I'm pretty sure there are very few camels in turkey. The article title is wrong, this takes place in turkey.
3 boxes of turkish delights should do.

SITH2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Are you sure you are from Iraq armorki, because the show is in turkey. How about you read the article next time before you flex the might of your, oh so
powerful Iraqi anger.

You sure about that turgore? Did you bother to do a ten second search to confirm that claim. I doubt you did.


And Rdgneoz3... Your joke is even funnier because turkey has plenty of camels and camel cigarettes even have Turkish tobacco in them. Turkey's ancient cultural sport is wait for it...... camel wrestling. Seriously! So you sir get an lol and a +bubble.

Blacktric2841d ago


He said very few. Just because Turkey once had tons of camels doesn't mean we still live in sand and have camels everywhere. Copy/pasting crap from Wikipedia won't make you a professor. Calm down and stop spewing that stereotype stuff.

jeseth2840d ago

armorki -

We wasted billions of dollars baby sitting your pile of dirt.

Get over it. You guys should have handled Saddam yourselves but we had to do it for you.

Your Welcome.

dantesparda2840d ago

Wow! Jeseth what a typical insulting, douchey, American response.

Vaud-Villian2840d ago

Sadly you are all projecting your own prejudice into his comment. He could of just as easily been talking about 2 cigarettes.

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Phantom-Deutschland2841d ago

armorki , whatcha gonna do if he writes more?

Solid_Snake-2841d ago

middle east at its best. everything the west makes they turn around and make a love story about it (but never sex before marriage)

[email protected] 2 camels......

vyke32841d ago

wtf? why do you care? why do you randomly troll about stuff?

subtenko2841d ago

This is almost as bad as the Uncharted clone (Unearthed) LOL xD

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Panthers2841d ago

Ripoff? That is straight photoshoped heads on the original BC2 cover.

Parapraxis2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

It is literally the same assets from the original BC3 picture.

Istanbull2841d ago

This isn't a Iraqi tv show but a Turkish TV show by the name of Kurtlar Vadisi. You know that show that caused a lot of stir in America: Valley of the Wolves.

The Arabs are in love with that TV series but the hype is already over in Turkey.

CrimsonEngage2840d ago

This x1000. Hell, the guy on the tank wouldn't even be able to fit in the damn thing he's so big!

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Eromu2841d ago

It's not influenced by it's a complete blatant copy. All they did was crop it so it's zoomed in more and photoshop a guy on the tank and faces on the two soldiers...

RioKing2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Way to go Iraq.

Once again, you're pissing off the US!

Fishy Fingers2841d ago

By ripping off the work of an EU studio?

MidnytRain2841d ago

Aren't DICE and Battlefield owned by EA? I'm sure they would be upset if other companies started ripping off BF.

ainsz2841d ago

@ MidnytRain: Yes, but Dice itself is based in Sweden.

RioKing2841d ago

Yes, I know Dice isn't US but EA is. And that's who I was referring to. Because like Lick120 said, it would probably be EA suing the those Iraqi insurgents ;)

Aggesan2841d ago

DICE are Swedish. Thank you for acknowledging the existence of my country.

Lich1202841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Yeah, but EA is American. I doubt DICE would handle any copywrite / legal matters too. I think EA would be the ones sicing their lawyers on people. Over this however, not so much.

Also, I made my way up to the DICE floor in their building when I was in Stockholm. They have such a ridiculously awesome office.

undercovrr2841d ago

its turkish not from iraq u ignorant buffoon read the article

RioKing2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


SirBillyBones2840d ago

Are you incapable of reading past the (incorrect and lazy) title? I would surely hope you read the actual article before commenting. Someone who commented after just reading the title would be an example of a rather obtuse individual.

Only the most supreme morons get 0 Agree, 33 Disagree.. and counting.

RioKing2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Only supreme morons like me post things for the purpose of saying something which they know will get tons of disagrees, but they don't care because they find what they said funny. Simply put, I make slightly controversial and slightly ignorant comments towards A-rabs for the immature satisfaction for pissing someone off. Shame on me.

Well, I'm sorry I commented on an article that pretty much speaks for itself without needing to be read!

Getting all anal about which country this is in doesn't matter to 99.9% of us who aren't in the middle east....turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, whatever! They're still Arab countries who no one cares about.

Edit: Man you're so intelligent, obtuse, lol. Try using that word around a female and see how easy it'll be for you to get laid buddy.

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