The official word on the glossy Xbox 360

Major Nelson writes:

"You may have heard last week that Microsoft is changing the outer finish of the Xbox 360 250GB consoles from a glossy black to a matte black finish, similar to the current Xbox 360 4GB model.

Some of the news outlets that covered it mentioned having a choice between matte and glossy Xbox 360s this holiday.

I wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that that is not the case."

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YodaCracker3085d ago

Original PS3: Glossy
Slim PS3: Matte

Original 360: Matte
Slim 360: Glossy
New Slim 360: Matte

fluffydelusions3085d ago

The 4gb slim was always matte. It was the 250gb version that was glossy.

cee7733085d ago

ps3 slim is a gloss/matte hybrid get it right people lol.

Droid Control3085d ago

I prefer matte.

I have the glossy 360 S and the dust drives me crazy. I much prefer the matte black finish of the PS3.

The Matte black finish on the 120GB 360's was more of an aweful gray though... yuck!

chaos-lockheart3085d ago

Xbox 4gb has a matt finish but the ps3 is more plastic

jwk943085d ago

I prefer matte ps3 and glossy 360 and wii

cee7733085d ago

regardless if its matte or gloss its still gonna attract dust the gloss just make the dust more noticeable take the ps3 slim for example ever notice the gloss around the disc tray now in a dim room put a bright light over the slim it looks like scarface sneezed on it lol

Redgehammer3085d ago

I won't get a Slim until my current Elite kicks the bucket (2.5 years and going strong), but it will be great to not have to get a glossy 360.

B00M3085d ago

Only 2.5 years? Hopefully it'll last at least twice that. Consoles aren't built like they used to be, my N64 is still going strong lol.

B00M3085d ago

Why have I got 3 disagrees? State your reasons!

Redgehammer3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

My xbox is the most used piece of electronic equipment in my home. I average 280+ hours per month being signed in to XBL. So if I burn it up in 3 years, I will feel like I got my moneys worth. I agree, they don't make anything like it used to be made.

Tone3085d ago

Thats because they all use lead free solder now.. Where i work i have reballed so many original PS3 Phats with leaded solder on the GPU and have had none back (what does that tell you) ... same goes for the early xbox 360's

STICKzophrenic3085d ago

Nice way to drive sales.

"Get it before it's gone!"

pinkyxyz3085d ago

Really? News about if its shiny or matte?

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