The History of The Elder Scrolls - Part 3 (

In this latest instalment in our on-going History of The Elder Scrolls series, we look at two of the lesser known titles from the acclaimed RPG franchise -- Battlespire and Redguard.

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BattleAxe2842d ago

I just started playing the PC version of Oblivion and I'm lovin it so far. Can anyone tell me if Morrowind would be worth playing, as old as it is?

Tony P2841d ago

Definitely worth playing. Morrowind doesn't have a lot of Oblivion's user-friendliness, but the lack is meaningfully built around the experience.

In spite of its age, TES3 still does a lot of things better than Oblivion imo.

BattleAxe2841d ago

Thanks, I might have to give that one a try whenever it goes on sale on Steam at some point.

Mikeyy2841d ago

Yes Morrowind is definitely worth trying, but you need get some add-ons, since you started with Oblivion (I was the same way) the game will be very hard to adjust to.

Morrowind has a terrible UI, and no quest log, everything is logged into a chaotic "journal". There is an add-on that adds a quest log I believe, Just Google it.

At the beginning you will absolutely struggle to get used to the game and UI, but just stick with it. The game isn't new player friendly at all.