Looking for some better PS3 themes, well here they are.

Someone had a brilliant idea to take all the ps3 themes people posted, and make one page with them all there. You will find a wide range of themes anywhere from "300" to "Haze" to "Windows vista...???"!!! Thats right, vista has gone PS3. Downloads available after the jump.
Instructions on how to install|
1. Click the jump
2. Find the theme you want to download
3. click the link
4. press "Save"
5. save to a SDCard or a USB Device
6a. make a file in the Device or Card called "PS3"
6b. make a file in the PS3 folder called "THEME" (ALL CAPS REQUIRED)
7. put the .pt3 file into the THEME folder
8. put into your ps3
9. go to themes
10. click install
11. Click the memory card or USB device
12. Install and enjoy ^^

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mattkelly19913994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

I got 300, simpsons, FFXIII, Vista, and some other random ones. My ps3 is pretty pimp now lol. Tell me what you guys think is cool.

edit: Now that I realize it 1000 people are going to dissagree with me if I add this edit. So would 1000 people disagree if I didnt. No ones will ever know.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3993d ago

Can you post image of each one?

rushbd3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Yes the Windows vista one. (there're three. ( mine is Windows Vista Ultimate Playstation Edition (wvupse.p3t) (direct download)

check it out. All the buttons were replaced (75 total )

Took me 2 whole days to make it.

P.S. I love bubbles too. If you like it. gimme some :D

(edit) link updated

CRIMS0N_W0LF3993d ago

I gave bubbles :P

Except the same treatment.

Kindly provide me with bubbles to feed the trolls for some amusing talk.

Lionsguard3993d ago

It's a bit ironic to have a Microsoft windows vista theme on a ps3 haha.

rushbd3993d ago

I even had 360 controllers at the place of sixaxis. but figured that'll be too much for some people :P

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Crazyglues3994d ago

I haven't downloaded these themes yet but I guess it will be cool to have some more.. right now I like the one I have though.

C_SoL3994d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

i can't do works...thanks man

mattkelly19913994d ago

Bubbles would be awesome ^^ lol. The steps are alot faster and easier then it seems, dont worry about it.

tethered3994d ago

@ sexybeast69

Thanks man
Bubble to you.

gamesblow3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

All you need to do is save these files to a folder that says "PS3" inside that folder make another folder that says "THEME" just like that and then slap the downloads inside it. Then, usb or duo it over to your ps3... or Tversity works too. Then go to themes and then install them. Not hard. These themes all blow major goat nips, though.

Sorry, didn't read the above.

mattkelly19913994d ago

Try the Simpsons one, thats cool. And try the Vista one, lol. That one is probbly the best one. The killzone one aint to bad either.

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gamesblow3994d ago

Yeah, I did like the vista one. It's sharp as a thumb tac... So they don't all blow goat nips. the thing is, I'm a traditionalist, I believe. I like the orginal backdrop, whith alt colors and then using the button icons these themes give us. That's what I'm doing.

Bathyj3994d ago

I dont get it. Where do you pay your money for these themes?

tethered3994d ago

Well you could send it to M$ if you like.

rushbd3993d ago

it seems someone has been living in M$ kingdome for too long. :P