Veteran Gears players unhappy with Epic's new Gold Gnasher unlock scheme

XMNR: Epic Game's Rod Fergusson revealed a new plan for Gears fans to earn the Gold Gnasher and other gold-plated weapons in Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360. The reaction from players who achieved Veteran Gears status or got the Gold Hammerburst or Lancer in the second Gears game has been negative as the official forums exploded in a fury of complaints.

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Swiggins3080d ago

You can't make everybody happy....ever...

Reborn3080d ago

That was best displayed with the PSN issue/rewards.

I lost count of the amount of articles that popped up within minutes of each other.

radphil3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )


Well it's kinda misleading in this sense:

Say the ONLY way you able to get something, and was told that in order to do it, you have to be dedicated towards in doing an action within a specific time period.

Now a little while down the line, they just give it out like candy by doing something previously.

So in a way I can understand the discouragement coming from some of the complaints.

jimmywolf3080d ago

while i agree it misleading they want too appeal too the mass not the elite few so their doing this too increase player base

radphil3080d ago


Yea I understand that too. I just wish some companies watch their wording. :p

At the time of the beta they stated that was the only way.

mastiffchild3080d ago

This generation of gaming is full of companies doing this, though, isn't it? Think of all the games people BOUGHT consoles to play-like Tales or like FF13 and then when it suited them they went multi. One a timed exclusive and the other a supposed exclusive advertised as "only on PS " for four years?

Seriously, aren't we used to devs and publishers and platform holders telling us one thing and then doing another? At least this time nobody spent any money because of their lies. Naturally, from the outside this looks like a peanuts moan compared to some who, say, felt conned into buy a console because a dev promised a game exclusively to a platform they would otherwise not have had to buy but for those who believed Epic and put the hours in it's a bit crappy even if, to us outside, it looks like moaning about the colour of your gun a bit.

Timed exclusives when they pretend they ARE exclusive and games changing the platforms they're on(or not Remedy and MS over Alan Wake PC)after affecting our console buying behaviour, DLC on the disc and so on-the things we get lied to about is nearly endless currently. All part of a disrespect for the very people who pay ALL their wages. All I hear from the industry is moaning-"Waaah, used games! Waaaah, Pirates!! Waaah our game was crap but it's gamer's fault for not buying it anyway!" and so on ad infinitum. we gamers have the unenviable rep of being over entitled but, I assure you, we actually HAVE things to complain about and are, to my mind, the best group of consumers the industry could hope for after all the BS, DRM and lies we put up with-and lest we forget it's us legitimate gamers who ALWAYS end up paying for piracy anyway.

Look, I knowe we aren't perfect and kick off over nothing sometimes but the amount we l;et them get away with wouldn't float with other consumer groups, no way. This telling us BS or going back on their word has to stop if they ever want us to keep ponying up the readies for this expensive hobby. I think we. generally, are a lot better than most publishers and devs deserve quite frankly.

xVeZx3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

"As a recap, the Gold Retro Lancer was only achievable during the Gears of War 3 beta for those that complete 90 matches to first unlocked it and then scored 100 kills with it.
The Gold Sawed-off is tied to the Commando achievement in the original Gears of War.
Meanwhile, the Gold Lancer and Gold Hammerburst are available to players who had those weapons if Gears of War 2."

im so confused...can you still get these guns in gold by doing what it says above?

jimmywolf3080d ago

yes you now have more options too get gold guns versus before you could only achieve it once

SwiftShot3080d ago

im upset that the retro lancer can be grabbed so easily & I thought it was exclusive. So much for hard work! Lol oh well

Queasy3080d ago

Well, you still have to work a good bit to get Veteran status in Gears 2. Though it will be a bit easier with XP events every weekend until Gears 3 launches.

BX813080d ago

What is veteran status?

Queasy3079d ago

@BX81: You have to earn the Gears Veteran achievement in Gears 2 - Reach level 100 and win a match on each of the 4 Snowblind Map Pack maps (not Custom).

SwiftShot3080d ago

Agreed, just sucks that there was another way lol

sickpup3078d ago

I agree with the arguement that it devalues the weapons. I have the two gold weapons in Gears 2 and I unlocked the gold weapon from the beta. I also have the Gold Sawed OFf from completing Command. I do not have the Veteran achievement so I would not get the 5th gold weapon. I believe these were earned and should not be given to just anyone. When I get my level 100 I should get my last weapon. I know they are just skins but it is also a symbol of people who are dedicated to the game and are rewarded for their efforts.